Absolut has been classically innovative for years. With Absolut Elyx they are further demonstrating mastery in the art of making vodka, not by using future technology but by bringing it back to its roots. It is their aim to showcase the best of what vodka and Sweden can be. This single estate, winter wheat vodka, has been turning on bar professionals and patrons alike with its tart, creamy and subtle salinity.

It is their aim to be the bartenders’ favorite vodka and have invested in some very memorable events. This March, Absolut Elyx fostered such an event at the newly renovated SWS Academy Room at the Southern Wine & Spirits headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was hosted by the two groundbreaking barmen Simone Caporal and Alex Kratena from the world-acclaimed Artesian Bar in London. Simone and Alex wonderfully illustrated what lies beyond the creative process, breaking down what goes into creating, both subconsciously and analytically; inspiring with personal stories, practical applications, and breathtaking photographs; and best of all, it all happened with a dose of humor.

Those in the crowd were all given moments to reflect on the material that was presented. As I looked around, the “ah ha” look could be seen even on the most veteran of barmen. Some legendary people were there, among them Tony Abou-Ganim, J.R. Starkus and Francesco Lafranconi, who all listened very attentively. Including the maestros, the collective talent in the room was astounding, and even more astounding was the ability to excite and inspire those who create what Vegas is. With much food for thought and spirits for our spirits, this barman in particular was very grateful to attend.