The 6th Annual Universal Whiskey Experience at Encore Casino Resort on March 5 proved once again why it is the world’s most ultimate whiskey tasting event with table after table of high-end and rare selections representing every major distiller of Scotch, Bourbon, and Japanese whiskies, some of which were valued at more than $300 per glass. Here LVFNBPro Editorial Director Bob Barnes congratulates Universal Whiskey Experience Founder Mahesh Patel on yet another extremely successful event.

The Nightclub & Bar Show was a total success this year, according to organizers, and we would agree. New products and services were abundant and a number of returning exhibitors rounded out the show. We were delighted to meet up with our friend Chazz Palminteri who was there to cut the opening ribbon for the entire show. Here Chazz got ahold of one of our past copies with him on the cover and we were able to get it into the photo.

Also at the Nightclub & Bar Show were our old friends and fellow USBG United States Bartenders’ Guild members working their booth and selling their very successful bartending recipe book. Livio Lauro and Armando Rosario have published The Twelve Cocktails, which as explained, are the twelve essential cocktails everyone needs to know that are the basis for all other cocktails. In The Twelve Cocktails, Livio and Armando give us the tools and foundation for making all cocktails.