Feel the Burn!
Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

No, this is not a political advertisement for Bernie Sanders, but you’ll feel the burn for sure in this 5.7% stout. The bright red bottle is sure to catch your eye and each sip will notify your throat that there is indeed hot sauce in this beer. Rogue is known for using non-traditional ingredients in its beers, such as maple doughnuts and yeast cultivated from their brewmaster’s beard, so this one might be one of its tamer creations. The special ingredient in this brew is Huy Fong original hot chili sauce, and this is the only beer sanctioned by the creators of the original Sriracha Hot Sauce. My experience with Sriracha had me expecting to find sweetness in this beer, but rather I found only a smooth drinking stout that left a burn in the back of my throat after each swallow. Although a bit disappointed in the lack of other flavors, I can still recommend it to those who like myself crave heat and spice. Others like it as well, as this beer received a 92 point rating on Ratebeer.com and a gold medal at the 2015 World Beer Championships.

As Usual, Dogfish Head Brings a Twist
to Popular Beer Styles

Beer To Drink Music To & Romantic Chemistry IPA

Two new releases from Dogfish Head have catchy titles sure to get your attention and ingredients that are also sure to pique your interest. Beer To Drink Music To is a Belgian-style 9% ABV Tripel spiced with sweet orange peel, green cardamom, peppercorns and vanilla. This blend of spices really comes through, especially the pepper, and especially as the beer warms; so do yourself a favor and allow it to warm as you sip, as the flavors will blossom and intensify. The brewery suggests it’s the perfect beer to drink music to and it happens to be the Official Beer of Record Store Day yes, there’s a day for everything.

Nowadays we are overrun with IPAs, which currently are the number one selling craft beer style in the US. Like most all of Dogfish’s beers, the brewers add a twist to the 7.2% ABV Romantic Chemistry IPA by adding mango, apricots and ginger to bring forth a sweetness counterbalanced with the bitter citrus hop flavor that American IPAs are known for. Part of Dogfish Head’s Seasonal Art Series, you’ll like the whimsical label with a cartoon-like mango and apricot being hugged by a hop flower with hearts in its eyes.

Embrace the Sour

Sour beer is rising rapidly in popularity. Made in extremely limited quantities, this 5.75% ABV rare proprietary traditional hand selected blend of lambics is bottled by Brouwerij Strubbe in Ichtegem, Belgium. The sour must be embraced and once you do, it’s not overwhelming, but a delicious and intriguing taste and aromatic experience. Be sure to take note of the label, which lists the brew year 2013, bottle year 2015, region Zenne Valley, barrel type 600 liter French Oak and number of bottles produced 5579. This is a beer worth trying year to year, for like a fine wine, each year’s brewing season is different, and each barrel imparts its own unique character that can never be replicated.

Explosion of Richness
Avery Brewing Company Uncle Jacob’s Stout Batch No. 5

Although winter has come and gone my taste for strong dark beer remains. Weighing in at a hefty 17.1% ABV you don’t get much more potent and robust than this Imperial Stout. Named for Jacob Spears, who built his distillery in Bourbon County, KT in 1790 and was the first distiller to label his whiskey bourbon, ageing the beer for six months in bourbon barrels adds to its complexity and silky smooth richness. All I can say is, if you want the ultimate in rich chocolaty goodness, and sticky sweetness in a good way, splurge and buy this beer.