B&B Ristorante

In the true Italian way, Mario Batali has been obsessed with freshness and being “in season” before it was even cool. This dedication to seasonality is exemplified by the Capellacci di Zucca at B&B Ristorante in The Venetian. These Stuffed Pasta are filled with roasted winter squash that are sweetened with a touch of local desert honey, all tossed in a delightfully rich Luigi Guffanti butter sauce. This handmade delight and its soft textured filling are lifted even further by the nutty crunch of crushed Marcona almonds. For the aromatics, fried crispy sage is placed upon the top. B&B Ristorante takes regional Italian cuisine very seriously & this pasta does not disappoint.

B&B Ristorante, The Venetian


Herbs & Rye

As many of us in the industry well know, Herbs & Rye is our spot for late night cocktails and shenanigans. In addition to properly executed Scofflaws, Fernet or the newly created, “Imperial” with chartreuse & Miller High Life, they are regaled for their steaks and memorable sides. Out of the many delicious cuts, the king may be the Ribeye. Wonderfully marbled, juicy, soft textured and rich, it is what one graduates to from the Filet Mignon. Head Chef Mariano Ochoa, since before his time as a dishwasher, has long studied the art of the butcher. With these 21-day wet-aged wonders, they are grilled, rested and finished with a balsamic butter. This Ribeye has a wonderful sear, and as a bonus, the Ribeye and all of the steaks are half off from 3-7 p.m. and 12-3 a.m. For a side, try the new Whiskey Shallot Potatoes. They are smashed Idaho potatoes tossed with a cream & enriched by an Old Granddad Whiskey shallot reduction. Oh Man!

Herbs&Rye, Valley View & Sahara


Echo & Rig

Bryan Pierzga at Echo & Rig is doing big things. He is very active in competitions, the USBG, and is always looking for new flavor combinations. For this concoction, he utilizes the herbaceous and berry-rich Sipsmith Sloe Gin, along with delightfully delicate Lillet Blanc. To contrast both of these, he employs the bitter tones of Campari, and for an aromatic and textural twist, he tops it with a rosemary-infused Jack Rudy Tonic foam. With the garnish of rosemary and sloe berry, it looks as good as it tastes.

Echo & Rig, Tivoli Village