Imagine a disco ball, a glitter floor, simple black and white decor and cases of baked goods. Yeah. Really. Take a little drive to North Las Vegas and find tsp. baking company editor’s note: they purposely don’t capitalize their name. They just opened on Veteran’s Day and they will be taking the city by storm.

At tsp. baking company you will find luscious flavors of cupcakes, oversized cookies and of course, cakes. Do not expect the wild and crazy cakes you can find elsewhere. These are simple, elegant and delicious, saving the cake designer’s sanity for more creative endeavors such as unique flavor combinations. You will also find Lappert’s Ice Cream. The ultra-high butterfat ice cream from Hawaii is only available in two locations in the valley, The California Hotel and tsp. baking company. Kari uses it to craft ice cream sandwiches with the house made cookies. Each one is made to order so you can actually choose two different cookies to sandwich your ice cream. Of course you can get a cone, but why would you want to do that?

Kari Garcia moved to Vegas with the Red Robin Restaurant chain several years ago and made Las Vegas her home. She loved to bake, had restaurant experience and wanted a family owned and operated business so she could be there for her family and young kids, so she jumped in and opened her first bakery in 2008. Now, eight years later, one child is in college and one is in junior high and she has a completely different perspective on just about everything. Having learned from her past and the mistakes and challenges she overcame, her focus now is broader in some respects and more laser like in others.

After her divorce, and selling her interest in her first business to her former husband and business partner, newlywed Kari Garcia worked with her husband Richard to create a whole new brand doing what she loves. She reinvented herself, and her branding, and is ready to tackle a new neighborhood with sweet treats. She keeps the business in the family with her brother-in-law as one of her bakers and longtime friends and employees that came with her from her previous location. She joked around that tsp. baking company is “woman owned, military family owned and Hispanic owned, so we’re covering all the bases.” Hubby Richard Garcia is active duty Air Force and with that comes challenges that she’s eager to embrace. As a military family they are proud to offer a Military Discount to all active duty and retired military members, just show your ID!

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? I know I do! And Kari makes some of the best. Moist and flavorful, not too sweet and the cases are chock full of fun and inspired flavors that you probably won’t find in other places, like the Monkey Bite It’s named after her husband’s actual monkey bite scar on his hand. and a “mystery” flavor each month. Here at tsp. baking company you will find only mini cupcakes and when asked why, Kari had this to say, “It allows you have every flavor without the guilt. I was getting a lot of complaints that the buttercream frosting was too rich for kids. They’d eat two bites and then throw the rest away. These are the perfect two bites for kids to enjoy and for adults to have more than one flavor in one sitting.”

When asked about the future of tsp. baking company Kari says, “I envision multiple locations with this as our flagship store. This location is a destination to come to North Las Vegas because I think North Las Vegas gets a bad rap and I think we could use something cool that North Las Vegas can be proud of.”

Final words from Kari, “I think in Vegas there is room for everyone with their own specialties. Not everyone‘s tongue likes everything. If you like cream cheese frosting, you go there. If you like buttercream frosting you go here. If you don’t like cupcakes, we have cookies. There is room for everyone’s success if you are willing to work hard. And you don’t have to achieve that success by bashing someone else.”

Find tsp. baking company at 6120 N Decatur Blvd #103 North Las Vegas, NV 89130. And visit their website at and sign up for the VIT Very Important Tongue newsletter to receive news, seasonal flavor announcements along with upcoming events and promotions.