Standard & Pour

From his time at CarneVino & Carson Kitchen, Chef Jacob Dielemon has been a champion for freshness and flavor. Now as head chef at Standard & Pour, he is “bringing it” to Henderson. There is much to be said about the nuances of a composed salad, with varying textures, flavor, use of produce, as well as visual appeal. They are often overlooked by many a chef, who instead like to focus on the big ticket & meat-centric items. With the Beet Salad, Chef Jake does not disappoint. After grilling the beets, he adorns them with small dollops of creamy goat cheese. The beats are plated on top of a vibrantly colored beet mascarpone mousse and tossed with a cherry gastrique. For a green color contrast it is garnished with Hearts on Fire micro greens, and for spice and an addition textural component, spicy pistachio crumbles are graced. When in Henderson, please go to Standard & Pour; be sure to try their happy hour and new Sunday brunch.

Open daily from 4-10 p.m. • Sunday Brunch hours 10 a.m.-3 p.m. • 11261 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV 89052

Black Tiger BBQ

I got so much soul…

Real food from real people cooked with heart & soul is hard to beat and difficult to replicate. Black Tiger BBQ & Soul Food Collective is the valley’s newest mobile BBQ and can bring it to your doorstep! Sourcing ingredients as locally as possible, they even use a local pig farm in North Las Vegas when going “whole hog.” In addition to whole pig roasts, briskets and tender delicious chicken, Black Tiger can prepare an array of savory sides. Brought to you by a man with fire in his belly and flavor in his fingertips, Gene Samuel knows there is no substitution for real soul and feels there is no place for counterfeit BBQ. Along with being a maestro of the grill, Gene is also a champion mixologist. Ask him about his “Punch Package” where he can take care of your beverage needs for any party.

Tacos & Beer

There is something about a long cooked & labor-intensive sauce made with love. The mole sauce at Tacos & Beer brings a beautiful concentration of flavor along with multiple layers of sapor. In a genre that is seldom perfected, this sauce is an example of what a mole should be. You can seemingly taste all of the ingredients; it is savory and nutty with hints of winter spice and cocoa and has a wonderful and lasting heat on the finish. In this rendition, it adorns roasted chicken enchiladas which are the perfect venue to soak up all of sauce and distribute the flavor on the palate. It is late-great Chef Jesus “Chuy” Ochoa’s recipe and they most certainly continued his legacy with this dish. But how could one match that with a beverage? General manager Felicia Ledger has many choices to offer. In this case, she poured an Imperial Stout infused with coffee beans called the Más Aún Café Jesús by Evil Twin brewing. This is a big beer 12% ABV with a savory sweet complexity all on its own. It was a great complement to the dish and allowed the intermingling of flavors at an optimum level. For this, or anytime of the year, this pairing will leave you with an uncontrollable yearning for more.

Open Daily 11:30 a.m.-2:30 a.m. • 3900 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169