Marjorie Ann Mancino,
Friend and Journalist of The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional

By Senior Editor/Publisher Mike Fryer

On December 26 Marjorie Ann Mancino passed away from medical complications including cancer of the tongue. Margie was my friend, my companion, my love, my sweetheart, my partner and that special person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Now she’s gone…and this void in my heart may never mend completely, but we must move on as they say…still I find it hard to accept, for just a few months ago we were out eating, drinking and just enjoying ourselves and life!

I promise you this Margie, I will never take life for granted and will do all that I can to live life to its fullest! And I can only hope to make the people around me glad they knew me…

My warmest regards for Margie’s family and friends who she respected and loved so dearly! A special thank you to daughter Lisa, who stayed by her mother’s side with me throughout the ordeal and has become my extended family as well.

It all reminds me of one of Margie and my favorite songs by Jim Croce…“If I could save time in a bottle…there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them!”

Rest well Sweet Marjorie and be well for your future journeys!!!

With all my heart,

Eric Hilton,
Founder of Three Square Food Bank

It is with sadness that I am writing to inform you that the founder of Three Square Food Bank, Mr. Eric Hilton, passed away Saturday, December 10, 2016. I wanted you to know this because you so generously support the cause he passionately championed — the cause of hungry people here in the valley.

Mr. Hilton founded Three Square in 2007 with his wife, Bibi, when he learned that Clark County was going to be without a food bank.

Today, Mr. Hilton’s legacy of generosity and compassion helps provide more than 40 million pounds of food and groceries each year to our neighbors in need in Southern Nevada.

I want you to know that you have made an impact in Mr. Hilton’s vision by volunteering, donating, working with, and supporting Three Square. Thank you for continuing his legacy of helping others.


Brian Burton

President & CEO

Muriel Stevens,
Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Pioneer

The Las Vegas food and beverage community recently lost Muriel Stevens, who wore many hats in her long history as newspaper columnist, author, radio and television show hostess, community leader, restaurant critic, gourmet cook, consumer advocate.

Muriel Stevens passed away peacefully Dec. 12, 2016, after a very lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Born in Philadelphia, Dec. 22, 1925, Muriel began cooking at the tender age of eight, practicing on her three younger brothers before moving on to larger audiences. Her love for learning began early and she spent every spare moment riding her bike to the library in search of new and exciting information. Muriel’s life in the public eye began with a career in modeling. At the age of 18, she married Maury Stevens, a fellow Philadelphian, and a few years later added their son, Bruce, to their family. Muriel and Maury ventured out west to start a new life shortly after their daughter, Robin, was born. After short stops in Denver and Los Angeles, Maury gave Muriel a choice of where they would settle down permanently New Zealand or Las Vegas. Deciding she didn’t have enough mutton recipes, they settled in Las Vegas and became an integral part of the community. Muriel’s broadcasting career started in 1955 and included stints as a weather girl, news reporter and magazine editor. If there was a party, an opening or an event, you can bet Muriel was there to cover it. Her live call-in radio talk show was on the air for over 25 years. “If you cook with love, they’ll love your cooking!” That was the philosophy of her daily cooking show which started out on local TV and then was syndicated nationally. The show featured guests from the fields of entertainment, sports, politics and the arts, plus professional chefs from Las Vegas and around the world. Muriel was a member of The International Gourmet Society, The Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, The National Association of Food Writers and American Women in Radio and Television. She served on the boards of many local organizations and was on the original founding board of Nathan Adelson Hospice.