Now with the number of breweries in the US setting new records every day which at last count topped 5,000 and yearly beer sales in the US topping more than $100 billion, the need to know the basics about the world’s most popular beverage is tantamount.

As the title suggests, this 408-page no-nonsense guide to the world of beer answers the most common questions many have about the diverse array of styles, ingredients and international brewing and drinking traditions. But don’t let the title lead you to believe that the book is simplistic. Rather, with great detail it delves into topics including beer traditions, beer styles, the history of beer in the US, how beer is made, an explanation of the three-tier system, the evolution of modern beer packaging, proper glassware, a guide to the best beer bars, beer cocktails, beer festivals and homebrewing.

Author Jeff Cioletti is an internationally recognized beverage writer, having served as editor-in-chief of Beverage World magazine and written articles for a variety of publications, including Draft and All About Beer. He is also the author of the book The Year of Drinking Adventurously and writer/producer/director of Beerituality, a feature-length comedy set in the world of craft beer.

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