When you hear the word Trump you may first think of reality TV “catchphrases” and controversial news headlines but maybe not Las Vegas. In a city that is full of neon shining opulence, it is possible to overlook that one of our most elegant properties is at the Trump. The Trump International Hotel, with its 1,200+ gold-laden suites, world class restaurant and penthouse dreams, is the über hotel and aims to satisfy the most opulent of tastes.

At the heart of the property there is a beautiful bar. Run by two young and talented barmen Antonio Olvera and Andrew Almanza, they have reinvented their program to match the level of excellence found in the hotel. With a focus on local farms and local produce, they are showcasing it up and down the menu with drinks like the “Strawberry Fields” and the “Watermelon & Basil.”

The “Strawberry Fields” brings together High West Whiskey, Strawberry Puree, Blood Orange and Rhubarb Bitters. The whiskey is not overpowering and the drink has a beautiful presentation. It’s playfully garnished with a spoon of strawberry jam, which is a nice touch because it allows the guest to alter the drink to suite their individual palate.

Another highlight of the menu is the “Watermelon & Basil.” This libation contains a watermelon and basil shrub, Red Berry Vodka, pineapple & OJ. The cocktail is many things: delicious, refreshing, balanced, candied & aromatic and does what many drinks with a vinegar based shrub are unable to, to not taste like vinegar.

The menus are well thought out and kept within the spirit of seasonality. They still are able to incorporate a 16-year-old Scotch from Islay, which is well known as the benchmark for the peaty, smokey style of the island. This whisky is Laguvulin of course and is paired with the orange bitters for a great effect.

It is a challenge to be unique in a city that is besieged by multiplicities of beverage options. Trump has met the mark with aspirational cocktails, a fun yet elegant setting and one of the better arrays of infusions off the Strip. Be sure to try the Chipotle Honey Jim Beam and the Caprese Vodka just to name a few. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next! We will see you at the bar!