As a bartender in a nightclub, my weekend eating habits are a little skewed. Although I eat before my shift, I am always starving at the end and am not always willing to dine on EDR employee dining room food or drive through a fast food joint. I leave work between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m., which severely decreases my options of restaurants. But I’ll let you in on a little industry secret; there’s a nearby mecca of 24-hr eateries known to most as Chinatown.

Whether you are in the mood for noodles, Korean BBQ, or even sandwiches, Chinatown has your fix. I, however, was craving Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup from the infamous Pho Kim Long. The 24-hr restaurant serves dishes from China and Vietnam and is an industry hot spot for the post work/club crowd. I’ve been twice this month and I always get the same thing, a small bowl of rare meat pho aka #14. It consists of a rich aromatic broth, rice noodles and thinly sliced rare beef that cooks within the soup. A side plate of fresh jalapenos, bean sprouts, Thai basil and lime wedges allow you to customize your pho to your liking. The hot, savory concoction has been rumored to cure the worst colds and hangovers alike. And with the cherry on top, it’s even better when you take it home and have it the next day.

Adjacent to this late night jewel is a brand new watering hole known as The Golden Tiki. It is literally in the same shopping complex as Pho Kim Long, but once inside, takes you far, far away from Chinatown. Immediately after walking through the huge, wooden doors you are transported into a Disney-esque world of pirates and treasure. Once inside the main area, under the glittering stars and surrounded by animal print, Franklin Steven Baltimore IV greets explorers. He escorts first time guests through the island oasis to reveal many secret relics and artifacts contained within this mystical bar. The cocktail menu boasts fifteen different island concoctions, including two bowls to be shared by friends. Every cocktail has the option to be served and purchased in a correlating tiki mug, which I think is a must for any first timer. I opted to try the Banana Batida, which consisted of Avua Cashaca mixed with banana liquor, coconut cream and Dole pineapple whip, blended and topped with grated nutmeg. It was delicious, creamy and cold, the perfect thirst quencher on my exploration. My favorite aspect of this hideaway, besides the libations, is the music. Singers such as Louis Armstrong and Fred Astaire fill the airwaves to complete the theme. I could sit there all day listening to the jazzy, tropical melodies and because they are open 24 hours, I have that option if need be. If that music is not your cup of rum, they offer DJs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Switching gears from a bar that serves fruity drinks to a bar serving drinks in the heart of the Fruit Loop, Piranha Nightclub is a gay club that leaves you wanting more of this fantasy experience. This was my first time attending and I absolutely loved it. The energy and experience has been unmatched thus far by any “normal” club. Apparently any club that is not gay is considered a normal club in Vegas. The sex appeal is off the charts and apparently everyone works out at the gym regularly because glistening six-pack abs can be seen into the distance. It’s almost as if you had entered into a magical place where sexual orientation and gender disappeared and you were just looked at as a person, equal to others, dancing the night away. Drag queens are also sprinkled throughout the venue. I was welcomed by India Ferrah, contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 and the proclaimed house queen of the nightclub. She is bold, tall, and vivacious. You can’t miss her.

And with all that dancing, you are bound to be hungry again. Never fear, a few mere steps outside of Piranha’s doors and you are in line for some food trucks. This new trend has taken Las Vegas by storm. It’s all the amazing qualities of restaurant food without the long wait and booth for four. Out of the options, I chose FIL-AM Crave, the Filipino American fusion cuisine owned and operated by husband/wife team Mark and Cali. I chose one of their most popular items which consisted of soy lemon pepper chicken with julienned green peppers over white rice and a side of au jus. Phenomenal, to say the least. Most importantly, you can find them outside of the club every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Pho Kim Long

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Las Vegas, NV 89102

The Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain Rd

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Piranha Nightclub

4633 Paradise Rd

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