Terry Clark

Chances are, you know Terry Clark either from his two years in the USBG or his beautiful cocktails (from sitting at his bar or via social media). When he is not behind the stick at Sparrow + Wolf, he is the Las Vegas “Whiskey Guardian” for Angel’s Envy. When asked about his two gigs, his excitement is brimming: “At Sparrow + Wolf, it’s amazing how much they foster creativity. They are also big supporters of promoting others in the industry, which is a rarity.” And when talking about Angel’s Envy he says, “The Whiskey Guardian position is amazing. Everyone who works for Angel’s Envy believes in what they’re doing and takes an immense pride in it. Getting to go support industry family with a product I love is a great thing to experience.”

Terry is a native of the Southwest, having been born in Phoenix and growing up in Vegas. He has grown up in the hospitality industry about which he stated, “It’s the only thing I’ve ever known. The first five years were spent at Spago, N9NE and Nove as a server. After getting my Sommelier Certification I moved behind the bar.”

“Over the next 7 years I worked a couple of more places but the most impactful thing for me was being hired at Oak & Ivy. I quickly realized I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. I owe a ton to Chris “Tater’” Gutierrez for everything I learned from him, mostly by me losing arguments. Who I am behind the bar and whatever skill set I have leads directly back to Oak & Ivy.”

About the USBG, “There is nothing better you can do for your career than joining the Guild. We support each other and together are making the world see Vegas has the best bartenders on Earth.”

Terry’s self-described approach to bartending is “Profitability Through Hospitality” and he has some great advice for all of us: “Treat your guests well and have sincere appreciation for them choosing to come and spend their money at your bar. Don’t be an elitist and understand subjectivity is everything. Your favorite whiskey could be store brand. Does that make you wrong? No it doesn’t. Drink what you like and don’t snub your nose at what others enjoy.”

Totes Jelly by Terry Clark

1.5 oz Angel’s Envy Bourbon

.5 oz Liquor 43

.75 oz Honeycrisp Apple Jelly

.5 oz Riesling Reduction

5 drops Malic Acid Saline Solution

.5 oz Lemon

Add all to shaker, light roll until incorporated and then “dirty dump” into double rocks glass. 

 Lizster Van Orman

Lizster is a new but very active member of our chapter. Liz used to work for the State of Nevada as a case manager and always wanted to try bartending. So after making the decision to change careers, she learned some basics from Crescent School and is now putting them into practice at Flock & Fowl. There she really enjoys it: “It’s a great place to work and learn from some of the best bartenders in Las Vegas.”

Gaining knowledge is also one of her mantras of bartending. “I think continuing education is key to stay on top of the ever-changing trend in the F&B world. I love learning! In addition to the USBG, I have taken classes at SGWS Academy and have learned more about beer and wine. I’m currently taking their Academy of Spirits and Fine Service course. Knowing about the history of a spirit is a great conversation tactic and key to up-selling.”

Along with the learning opportunities available in the United States Bartenders’ Guild, she enjoys the Guild for other reasons. “I love the camaraderie! Being a new member and not knowing anyone in the industry was quite intimidating. It took a very short time to make friends in the Las Vegas chapter; they were very warm and welcoming. Another thing I love about USBG is that there are always plenty of learning events.”

Lizster is also a photographer specializing in majestic scenery (check out her IG page @liz.lizter). She has had many of her photos shared thousands of times. Liz also plays guitar and sings very well and you may even find her sometimes at Flock & Fowl’s open mic night
on Thursdays. 

Come say hi very soon!