Claudia Zelidon

Photo courtesy Claudia Zelidon

There are a few certainties in the world but one thing you can count on is Claudia Zelidon. Even with her multiple jobs, she is always ready to support at USBG events and members.

While she was born in El Salvador, she has lived in Las Vegas since 1986, and Claudia is not only a veteran of our guild but also in the industry. 

With her associate degree in Hotel Operations and working at many great properties throughout the years, she is always learning. That is part of the reason that she is in the USBG. “The thing I like about USBG is that we have so much opportunities as far as exceeding our knowledge in the bar industry and the people involved in it.”

Claudia is currently in the banquet department at Venetian, MGM and Aliante, as a server and a bartender, but she does have bartending in her blood. 

She is a bartender’s daughter, and has had the chance to see many of the city’s bartending greats like Tony Abou-Ganim and Francesco Lafranconi, who she looks up to immensely. 

What’s next for Claudia? She plans to continue her learning and and maybe start entering competitions. I asked her about it and she says, “The thought of it kinda works my nerves! But it is a way to continue my learning.”

Salute to you, Claudia! We know that we will see you soon! Cheers. 

Michael Giambrone

Photo courtesy Michael Giambrone

Michael Giambrone has been in the guild for less than two years, but he has already made his presence and energy felt. 

While he is originally from Rochester, NY, he has Vegas and the USBG in his blood: “The USBGLV has become my family. It brings together like-minded individuals within the same industry. The educational seminars and events are so valuable and you are often surrounded by friendly faces of people you respect.”

He loves to support local bars that hold USBG events and are stocked with USBG bartenders, like Sand Dollar, Herbs and Rye and Sparrow + Wolf. 

Regarding bartending he has a great philosophy.  “I literally imagine every guest as if it was me sitting there and how I would want my experience to go if I was in their shoes.”

You can find Michael mixing, shaking and stirring at The Capital Grille on Las Vegas Boulevard, but he has also recently branched out and started his private bartending company Raise The Bar. 

Go see him soon and bring him some peaty scotch! He will love you for it!