Martini & Rossi Frosé 

In the wake of the massive heat that recently swept the US, frozen drinks are a welcome relief, but the new Martini & Rossi Frosé is so good, once you taste it don’t be surprised if it becomes a year-round staple. Made with real Rosé wine, natural strawberry, lemon, grapefruit and peach flavors and logging in at only 6.5% ABV per 10-oz serving, this frozen Rosé wine cocktail comes in a ready-to-drink recyclable pouch that you simply place in your freezer for 4-6 hours and once frozen squeeze into your glass or drink out of the pouch with a straw (just freeze, grab and sip!). I prefer it with a spoon and after one tasting am hooked and see this being something that will always be found in my freezer. Another plus is the packaging is easy to transport and unlike bottles, won’t break if dropped. 


Steeped Coffee

Ever wish you could carry a cup of coffee in your pocket or purse just like a bag of tea? Steeped Coffee is described as coffee that’s as easy to make as tea, because it comes in single-serve bags that you steep just like a teabag. Another plus is the packaging is completely compostable, unlike single-use plastic used in coffee pods. Directions are simple: pour 8 ounces of hot water over bag, dunk the bag several times and steep for five minutes. After trying I am pleased with both the taste and convenience. 


Laphroaig Cairdeas Triple Wood Original Cask Strength 

Each year, Laphroaig Distillery crafts a limited edition malt to celebrate friendship (“Cairdeas” in Gaelic). This year’s release is a triple maturation, meaning it is first matured in ex-bourbon barrels, then saturated with flavor in smaller quarter casks and finished in European oak casks that previously housed Oloroso sherry. The result is a sweet and smooth finish while maintaining the signature aroma and unique peaty taste the iconic Scottish distillery is known for. More specific tasting notes include toffee, dates, maple syrup, praline, caramel and cedarwood. This is an intriguing complex sipper that will grow on you with each taste. 


Two Chicks Mixed Sparkling Cocktails 

I love the name of this new premium cocktail company, which is female founded, owned and run. I also love the beautiful packaging in cans with colorful flowers, the taste of each of the three sparkling flavor renditions, low 5% alcohol and convenience as you simply pop the tab and pour into your glass. The flavors are Vodka Fizz—vodka with pear and elderflower blossoms; Citrus Margarita—blanco tequila and citrus spritz of lemon and lime; and Paloma—blanco tequila with natural essence of squeezed pink grapefruit. Packaging is in four-packs of 12-oz cans, allowing for two servings per can, making it great for sharing.


Around the Bend Beer Company Ramblin’ Rosé 

Rosé Ale is a hybrid of wine and beer, and while there is no wine in this brew, there are flavors that one would associate with the popular refreshing red-hued wine. A wine-like acidity is derived from hibiscus flowers and cranberries and a not-too-sweet finish comes from the liberal use of raspberries and a touch of honey in the brew kettle; and the aforementioned fruit also transforms the color to a reddish shade. This Chicago-based brewery founded in 2014 is all about using non-traditional ingredients, and this brew is a prime example; and, at only 5% ABV, you might consider abiding by the adage of “Rosé all day.”