Editor’s Note: We are pleased to announce our partnership with the newly launched UNLV chapter of Spoon University, a media platform with content about food, health, wellness and lifestyle generated entirely by students. In this first installment Spoon University Editor-in-Chief Vincent Kwan gives us an overview of what Spoon University is all about and what we can expect in future issues.

About Spoon University

Want to stay on top of the hottest food trends? Are you always on the lookout for the newest and best and not so good spots to eat in the city? What chefs eat and what will the future of food be? These are just some of the amazing things that you can learn and read about on Spoon University.

Spoon University is a media platform for everyone who is passionate about and loves food. The website is specifically catered to millennials, with articles, stories, videos and content generated entirely by students from across the country.

Topics range from being both very localized to more general stories about food, health, wellness and lifestyle that are easily relatable and attractive to young people. Spoon University really allows the younger generation to express themselves and their passion for food in their own individual, authentic and fun side that sometimes is not expressed through more traditional food media channels.

Spoon University attracts over 2 million unique visitors every month, has over 120 participating college campuses and more than 3,000 active writers, photographers, videographers and more contributing.

About UNLV Spoon

UNLV has finally launched its own Spoon University chapter! Check us out at: https://spoonuniversity.com/chapter/unlv

UNLV Spoon launched in November 2016 with a small team of students who were passionate about the food scene in Las Vegas. They wanted to introduce a platform to UNLV students to express themselves and their love for food.

What many people may not know about UNLV is that it is the 2nd most diverse university in the country. Along with all this diversity lies an incredible mix of cultures, opinions, talent and most importantly: food.

The UNLV Spoon chapter aims to cater to the Las Vegas community, especially to the diverse student body. Here is just a small preview about all the amazing things that we will be writing about:

• Great new restaurants and spots to try out in Las Vegas

• Upcoming food events and coverage of the event

• Interviews with chefs and restaurant owners

• College life and student health

• Food industry news

• Food issues affecting the city and the country

• Recipes and trying things so you don’t have to

As with every Spoon University chapter, UNLV Spoon will be completely student run and will consist of students from all over UNLV. We will have writers, photographers, videographers, chefs, marketers and really anyone who is interested in food. UNLV Spoon is open to all majors and schools, from hospitality, law, business, engineering, to sciences and journalism.

Because Spoon is a national media outlet, students have the ability to publish content that can have national coverage and exposure. Whether you’re an aspiring food blogger, traveler, YouTube star or Instagram celebrity, Spoon really will give students the opportunity to get their feet in the door and build up their presence and portfolio.

Spoon University also provides students with resources, trainings and skills that they can learn that they might not be getting in the classroom. These skills can really help out in the real world, especially if they are interested in digital journalism, promoting things on social media, taking better photos and looking to pursue a career in the food industry in the future.

Connect with Us!

We are more than happy to connect with you! Whether you’re a world-famous chef or an aspiring foodie, we would love to connect with anyone and partner with you.

Have a great idea or an event? Let us know! We are really looking to support and grow the food community and culture here in Las Vegas. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your needs.

Best way to get in touch is to send our Editor-in-Chief Vincent Kwan an email at: kwanv1@unlv.nevada.edu. Please feel free to reach out to us! Looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat with you!