As you may or may not know, I have many different interests. Even in the beverage field, I love learning as a student for life. However, beyond just learning about wine theory and wine tasting, I enjoy learning about the many technology applications and innovations that beverage brings. This month, I would like to share on a recently released wine tasting app that brings the “game” element to the table! How many readers out there have attended, or even hosted some sort of wine tasting party? I myself have hosted blind tastings for entertainment, for studying purposes and have even attended regularly scheduled blind tasting events for wine lovers in my local area. What better way to conduct a blind tasting than with a wine app that helps to facilitate the blind tasting process? Along the way, there are multiple opportunities to learn more about wine in general, while adding some competition to the mix.

This new game, called WineGame, was devised by Rob Wilder and (Chef) José Andrés. After spending some time with the app myself, I found some very intriguing aspects of the game, especially because it allows for a range of users from basic wine enthusiasts to more advanced wine professionals.

Upon creating an account and signing in, I was given an overview of how the app works. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that I could not only create my own blind wine tasting game, but could also join in on other public games with others who might be playing in my area. This is a great feature, especially if you are not with a group of people and just want to get some practice in. I’m sure nearby games will start to pick up once more users discover this game. Setup is quite simple; the host inputs the purchased wines that will be used for the game (themed or random), and then publishes the game to be shared. Participants can find the game by entering the game code that the host generates.

Once the game begins, a series of multiple choice questions are presented with five possible answers, and you are given three tries:

1. Grape varietal

2. Country

3. Region

4. Vintage/Label

Of course, if you need help, the “hint” button is available to help you find the correct answers. The more correct answers you get, the more points accumulated! However, no “free guesses” are given, because if you get the question wrong, points are deducted. What makes this game great is that even if you do not know the right answer and guess, users can still learn from the incorrect response because of the detailed response feedback. Finally, prior to the unveiling of the wine, participants are asked to rate the wine, so they can determine whether they like the wine before they find out more information about it, namely cost and/or label.

The other great aspect of this app is the Trivia and Learning Section. If you don’t feel like wine tasting, you can still have fun with the app! In this section, you can learn about several categories of wine, such as winemaking, food pairings, geography, grapes, etc. Each category has multiple levels so that you can “level up” as you pass each set of questions (e.g., multiple choice, true/false). During your use of the app, users have the ability to keep track of their progress of wine tasting games, and can see their global score on the wine trivia leaderboard.

This is a great wine app for those who want learn more about wine, while having fun playing games! Since the game was built with the help of wine professionals, including Keith Goldston, Master Sommelier, it seems to be a great study aide and refresher for wine aficionados of all skill levels. Next time you plan a blind wine tasting party, try out this WineGame app!

Until next month, Cheers~!