Sarah Gage

photos courtesy Sarah Gage

Since 2016, Sarah Gage has become a USBG Las Vegas staple. She enjoys the Guild for the opportunities for education, competition and camaraderie. “I can honestly say that being an active member of the USBG-Las Vegas Chapter has changed my life (for the better).”

Sarah brings a two-fold approach to bartending that we can all learn from: “1. Make ordering drinks fun and approachable. 2. Stay hospitality-minded. Whether a guest is interested in classic cocktails, beer or shots, no one should be made to feel that they don’t belong somewhere simply because they don’t know about every aspect of the craft.”

She has recently returned from an extended stay in Montana and now is back and ready to give the city her all. This drum playing, motorcycle enthusiast and Massachusetts native can be seen sipping reposado at a number of our industry meccas. Herbs & Rye and the Sand Dollar rank at the top of her list. When behind the bar at The Kitchen at Atomic, she loves to make Aviations. Do yourself a favor and go see her soon! 

“Remaining hospitality-minded is just a quick way to remind myself not to take things personally. Life is hard. People from all walks of life go to bars for a variety of reasons. It is our job as bartenders to be malleable and to adapt to our guests’ needs.”

“Sea Into the Night”

2 oz. Malibu Black

1 oz. fresh lime juice

1/2 oz. charred pineapple and serrano syrup

1 egg white

Splash of pineapple juice

Garnished with nutmeg 

Add ingredients into a mixing tin and “dry shake.” Then add ice, shake and strain into a coupe. 

 Dylan Weems

photos courtesy Dylan Weems and by Adam Rains


Meet one of your newest members, Dylan Weems. While his time in the USBG is little, his excitement about things to come is huge. Originally from Orlando, FL, he now calls Vegas his home. When he’s not working at The Golden Tiki, Dylan spends time studying the craft and looking for the prefect mojito. “I love mojitos. Growing up in Florida we would have mojitos by the beach and the pool. It’s a staple and a classic.” While he was attending University of Miami, he spent time entertaining students as the official team mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. At UM, Dylan was a journalism major, but now is taking on our industry with a vengeance and has become a student of the art of hospitality. “Hospitality is about communication. Things won’t always go perfectly so how effectively you communicate with your guest can keep them happy even in a busy or stressful situation.” 

Being a recent addition to our chapter he already sees the benefits of the Guild. Be sure and say hi to him at our next meeting. 

“The USBG allows someone brand new to the industry the opportunity to network with and learn from some of best around.”


2 oz Malibu Black

1 oz Leblon Cachaça

.25 oz honey

.75 oz lime

.75 aquafaba 

3-4 dashes of angostura

2 oz ginger beer

Dry shake or double shake all ingredients but ginger beer.

Add ice to Collins glass. Add 3oz ginger beer to glass, pour cocktail.