Mike will always be remembered as the most influential person in my life, and he came to be my best friend. It was only this morning I woke and thought I better call Mike and be sure that’s he’s ok. I loved Mike like a brother and a father rolled into one. I had a room at the home in LV. He always insisted I have full use of a room and his car. He would say come when you want, no need to ask, and when you’re here use my car. If it’s in the garage it’s for you if I am home or not, and if I need it and it’s not there I will find another means to get where I need to go. It was this generous nature and his kind, intelligent and joyful personality that personified Mike as a man I respected more than anyone I know. My life will be different in so many ways. I was about to send my best friend a ticket to come fish with me here in Alaska. When Mike was getting his operation for his kidney removal, I asked him to put me down as a donor if there was any issue with his good kidney, and he knew as only Mike would that I was serious. I would have taken a bullet for Mike.

~ Brent Weyer