Obviously, we are in a time of significant change. This pandemic has thrown us all into a tizzy, some a tailspin, and really leaves us struggling to find consistency, normalcy and more. At this point in time we have difficulty and really don’t have a clear picture of our future. We can’t imagine the future continuing like this much less picture what it may end up like. These days, it seems, things change weekly, daily, no—by the minute. How is a person to cope?

Well, as you’ve noticed, I’ve talked pretty regularly lately in my articles about faith. No matter our faith, we find that turning to our faith can help us cope and continue on. That is a very personal issue to each of us, but I hope you agree, it has a significant impact on what we do at this
point forward. 

I have a few other secrets for success that I keep in my back pocket for just this occasion. They have helped not only me but been of value to my family and close friends.

My secrets for being adaptable and flexible:

Don’t place too much importance and weight on having to make some change(s).

  • • Change is inevitable and frankly, most times a good thing.
  • • Change helps us to think outside the box from time to time.
  • • Change can keep us from becoming complacent.

Turn to others for psychological, moral and spiritual support
and guidance.

  • • Be open to talk about your concerns, receptive to others’ ideas and suggestions.
  • • Use your head. Don’t jump to conclusions or become overly anxious. Wait and see.
  • • Keep your faith and spirit strong and steady. We are all in good spiritual hands.

Observe the behaviors and actions of those around you, and form your opinions from them.

  • • If you watch others, you may discover the best action to take by observing theirs.
  • • This may mean you follow their lead or that you do exactly the opposite, depending on what you see and interpret.

Look at things and change as the glass half full (not half empty). Work on staying positive.

  • • Maintain a bit of optimism, belief and strength that things will turn out for the best.
  • • Keep looking for the best in people, the positive in change, and you will feel better.
  • • Talk positive, think positive and act in a positive manner. Your behaviors feed your mind.

So my best advice is to not over assess what is going on, try to go with the flow, and don’t listen to the negative and unsubstantiated news or stories. These days there tends to be exaggeration and misinformation all over the place. Follow your heart, routine and hunches when deciding what to do and who to believe. I firmly believe that our inner monologue, sense and conscious—our intuition—is almost always right on and accurate! 

But most of all, believe in yourself, allow your mind to rest and relax, and don’t feel that you have to take on the world or resolve all of your concerns at that very moment. Time is a great resource for good decisions.

It is my belief that if we listen to our heart, our mind, and even our soul (intuition) all things will come out ok. 

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