Zuma Pairing Great Steak with Great Japanese Whiskey
By Max Solano

When pairing food and drink, arguably, is there anything that goes better than a great cut of steak and pour of whisky? What if both were Japanese? Zuma at the Cosmopolitan just may be onto something special. I recently attended a dinner at Zuma to sample their standalone Wagyu beef menu to pair with some of their Japanese whisky selections. May I suggest sampling the delicious Wagyu gyoza with black truffle and pair it with the Hibiki 17-year blended. The 14-day dry-aged Texas Tomahawk steak also served with black truffles (pictured here) was a perfectly cooked cut and if you do not mind some subtle peat smoke, pair this dish with the Nikka Taketsuru 17 Year Pure Malt. And, for a very special treat you can order some certified Japanese  A-5 wagyu steak by the ounce and, since you’re already pampering yourself, why not pair this dish with some ultra-rare Hibiki 30 year?