Photo Credit: Shelley Stepanek

X Pot is an incredible new hot pot restaurant at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Palazzo. The place has marvelous ambiance and great atmosphere with its all black walls and muted lighting. At the front is a small bar seating about eight, and a few small booths which altogether can seat up to 50 people. 

For now, the lounge offers a menu of oyster shooters, Wagyu beef sushi, seafood platters and marinated cherry tomatoes. Video screens totally surround the bar area. As you enter the dining area, there is a dry aging room for meat that is open to view along with the wine station which carries over 50 brands. 

Jay Shin, the dining room manager, escorted us to one of the tables, which all seat four diners. He also gave us a grand tour and showed us the four private dining rooms, with movable walls that can be combined into one. The hit feature are four robots, which automatically can be programmed to go throughout the restaurant and carefully avoid diners. Dishes are loaded on the shelves and the robots arrive where the servers are waiting to unload the items directly onto the tables. 

Once completely open, the restaurant will feature an entertainment experience with 360-degree projections in high-def, interactive light shows, accompanied by themed sounds to go along with Sichuan hot-pot tradition.

Creators Haibin Yang and David Zhao, who started with Chubby Cattle in Chinatown, have come along with Asian fusion dishes, including A5 Wagyu beef and Kobe beef dry-aged for 100 days. Diners can select the quality and level of meat, based on how long the beef has been aged. Diners can also if they choose, cook their own ingredients, ranging from seafood, meat and vegetables.

This was a dining experience that I had not tried before. First the server gave us both aprons, and a package with thin plastic gloves and then placed a freshly-made house salad on the table, followed by appetizers called one bite, truffle tofu roll and homemade crispy pork. The pork had been fashioned to look like a small black swan, on a wooden platter with dry ice coming out of a small barrel. Beautiful piece of art. Then came the main course, the soup base, which can be one of two, either a golden chicken/creamy lobster, or a red pot with assorted mushrooms, slightly spicy.  The server placed the broth in a small heated area next to each person with its own temperature control.  As we picked the chicken/lobster soup, there was a nice claw floating on top. As it bubbled, the server carefully placed various pieces of vegetables—tomato, bok choy, spinach, mushrooms and black tofu—into the bowl.  As they cooked, she came and placed them into our small eating bowls.  

We thought we had filled up with the soup, but it was only the starter.  Most people, it seemed, let the server work their magic, by totally waiting on you.  Served on a bronze calf bowl, were various pieces of A5 wagyu rib eye cap, A5 wagyu brisket, prime Angus rib eye, sashimi, beef tongue and chuck short rib. Again, each piece went into the boiling broth, from 10-30 seconds.  There were pieces of handmade X Pot ham, X special black tofu, X Pot wagyu meatballs and seasonal veggie and mushroom combos.  These items we cooked ourselves, taking them out when we thought they were done. Another surprise—a small wagyu sandwich, cut in four, served in a white cow with mushroom dipping sauce to keep the beef theme.  

Dessert was heavenly.  A Szechwan ice jelly with mixed nuts and fresh fruit served in a martini glass and a green tea dessert called Wagyu Flir Gras Bibimbap in a circular shape, most likely a type of Chinese flan. 

There is nothing else in Las Vegas anywhere near to the experience they have created here. Simply marvelous.  The chef’s tasting menu featured above runs $148 per person and is well worth it.

X Pot will feature performances that include ancient Chinese face-changing ceremonies, noodle dances and table animation shows, all of them paired with its smart-robot technology. For a memorable experience, please try my recommendation of X Pot. 

X Pot, Grand Canal Shoppes, 3377 Las Vegas 

Boulevard S., 866-888-9768. Open Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Friday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Located in the North End, in the old Victoria's Secret space.