I hope everyone had a great time on Easter Sunday. I know UNLV students were happy to have finally taken a week off from school to relax and sleep in. Of course, right before spring break Epicurean had the opportunity to hold an event on the 7th of April called Epigarden: a clever word play combining the name of the club and the word garden. The duration of Epigarden was about an hour, starting at 12 p.m. and ending at 1 p.m. Invitations were sent weeks in advance to let guests save the date on their agendas. Even flyers had been posted all throughout the school, especially in the Hotel College in the Frank and Estelle Beam Hall. As mentioned in the column from last month’s issue, Epigarden was organized for all staff, students and clubs of the Hotel College to enjoy free of charge. Not only would it be a great networking opportunity, but guests would also be able to enjoy the Italian-style banquet made by Epicurean members.

It was quite windy before the event so everyone worried the weather would cause a decrease in the number of guests to arrive. Thankfully the wind died down a bit and there wouldn’t be any worries about chasing flying napkins. Prep before the event took place in the Stan Fulton Building across the community garden as it provides a kitchen like that in the Frank and Estella Beam Hall. Before the day of the event, prep had actually been spread among three days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By doing so, the amount of food needed to be prepared for would not be overwhelming or would take too long to be prepared. Any food that could be done quickly or had to be served immediately was put aside to be done on the day of the event. Tables and chairs were borrowed and set outside from the Stan Fulton Building as well. They were draped with linen in colors representing the school: red, white, and black. Even the balloons were of the same color as they were tied around the round tables as an extra touch, and to keep the linen in place of course.

There was a great turnout in the number of guests that it almost reached the max capacity set in place for the garden. Many were in awe at arriving at the garden as it was their first time visiting the garden, a garden that should be given more exposure as not many know about it. The garden provided a sort of relaxing atmosphere as everyone enjoyed their food. It was a nice experience seeing everyone with a smile on their face and having fun. Students had the opportunity to meet new professors from the Hotel College and members from different clubs were able to interact together. Guests would occasionally come up to the tables filled with food for seconds. I did as well as everything was very delicious. Dishes served were as follows: gnocchi, penne, antipasti, charcuterie platters, pesto, Alfredo, tomato, gazpacho, meatballs and sausage. Fun fact: an entire prep day had actually even been dedicated to making gnocchi. Not only was it my first time hearing about it, but also my first time eating it. Of course, the dish that every guest couldn’t resist was the cheesecake for dessert. Besides your typical soda and water for beverages, there were even a variety of select wines and alcohol beverages available for those above the age of 21 which we here at the Epicurean Society proudly make a point to abide by all state laws.

I really do hope the Epicurean Society will hold more events at the community garden so that it will gain more exposure and the school will consider holding events there as well. I did happen to hear particular staff members from the Hotel College say were interested in holding events at the garden sometime in the future, so things might already be heading down the right path. It really was the perfect place to hold an event despite its limiting capacity. It was amazing to see the different types of herbs, vegetables and other types of plants that existed. Epicurean members made sure to clean up any trash from the event to prevent any hazards to the garden. Maybe the next time a visitor asks a student where the community garden is, they won’t be met with a blank stare followed by a shrug. The Epicurean Society still has much planned for April, so the next event will be discussed in the next issue. Please look forward to it!