The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health was started over dinner at Spago when Larry Ruvo hosted a small group of friends to honor the life of his father, Lou. Jim Murren first sketched the idea for CityCenter on a napkin. And the opening of every Cirque du Soleil show has been punctuated by a fantastical party featuring imaginative food and beverage presented in a way that only Cirque can deliver.

So if you wanted to say that food was at the center of building modern Las Vegas, you wouldn’t be far off. And if you wanted to say that food helped build Kirvin Doak Communications KDC, you’d be right on that, too.

KDC’s partners, Dave Kirvin and Bill Doak, are proud that their firm helped play a storytelling role in the food and beverage transformation in Las Vegas. KDC has been fortunate to work with chefs like Joël Robuchon, Wolfgang Puck, Michael Mina and Julian Serrano; and places where the concept takes center stage like Culinary Dropout, PBR Rock Bar, Harley-Davidson Café, Andiamo Italian Steakhouse and the new Bravo Cucina Italiana.

“Food and beverage at KDC is about more than the work we do,” said Partner and Co-Founder Dave Kirvin. “It’s about who we are.”

We witnessed this at a recent company gathering and can confidently say that nothing brings people together - whether it’s a family, a company or an entire city - like food.

It was the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and the KDC conference room was alive with the buzz of holiday plans, client happenings and the 4.8-magnitude earthquake that had just hit Las Vegas an hour prior. More importantly, the 53 employees of KDC and sister company, Outdoor Solutions, were uniting with one common goal: to get their hands on a barbecue feast prepared by Outdoor Solutions President Scott Carlovksy.

The scene painted is just one of the many unique activities that unites the team at KDC, Nevada’s largest public relations agency. Whether it’s a day of service at a local non-profit such as Opportunity Village or the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada, happy hour at a local bar or a legendary holiday party, the company’s leadership team is always looking for new ways to bring everyone together.

The barbecue was one such way. As everyone filled their plates with chicken, bratwursts, burgers and grilled veggies, people shared stories of their clients, their hometowns, the movie they just saw and plans for the weekend. The common denominator, much like Jim Murren’s napkin and Larry Ruvo’s dinner, was food.

If a stranger were to walk into the barbecue, they would instantly note the camaraderie. A pillar of KDC’s culture is the sense of family. In fact, the company barbecue turned into a literal family affair, with one KDCer even bringing her twin brother to the celebration. More than 75 percent of its team members come from outside of Nevada, including Iowa, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, and more. This dynamic allows for instant friendships to be born, making the workplace a comfortable and open environment.

It’s well-known throughout the city that KDC has a number of bonafide “foodies” in its midst, as the company works with some of the top food and beverage clients in Las Vegas on local, regional, national and international public relations efforts. They have a wide variety of restaurant clients and have a hand in some of the city’s most prominent food and wine events, including UNLVino - Nevada’s oldest wine tasting, produced by Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada and the students of UNLV’s Hotel College - and Vegas UnCork’d by Bon Appétit.

“We’re not sure what the next evolution of Las Vegas will bring,” said Kirvin. “But how it will start? We’re guessing pretty much like all the rest. With food.”