During the recent 2015 Session of the Nevada Legislature that came to a close on June 2 the Nevada Restaurant Association “NvRA” was actively engaged to promote and protect the industry it represents. NvRA’s lobbyist, Warren Hardy of the Hardy Consulting Group, was engaged in fulltime lobbying during the session. Warren, a former State Senator and Assemblyman who has more than 25 years of experience as a legislative advocate, worked under the direction of President and CEO of the NvRA, Katherine Jacobi, along with the NvRA Government Affairs Committee.

Of significant importance this session was Senate Bill 193 “SB 193”. The NvRA lobbied in support of this bill in its original form, intended to remove the 8-hour work day from Nevada and go to the federal 40-hour overtime standard. However, during the session an amendment to the bill was adopted to increase the state minimum wage for those not providing insurance to $9.00 per hour. The NvRA immediately expressed concern to key legislators that such an increase of minimum wage by the state legislature would be unconstitutional without a constitutional amendment. Attorney and NvRA Board Member, Brett Sutton, wrote an op-ed published in the Reno Gazette-Journal expressing this view. Subsequently, the statutory amendment increasing minimum wage was removed from the bill. In the end, the bill died without any portion being passed.

In addition to SB 193, the NvRA was also involved in bills addressing among other things: supporting a bill eliminating duplicative regulations governing alcohol sale, opposing certain tax increases, opposing bills that would have placed additional burdens on businesses, and supporting legislation that will create more accountability and transparency in health districts. For a more detailed written report on this legislative session, please contact the NvRA office.