Nightlife is a broad category, most apparent in this city. It encompasses anyone who works throughout the night in a fun, lively atmosphere. It can range from the doorman who won’t let you in because of your shoes, the busser who pours more drinks for you at your table than your waitress, or your favorite bartender at the Strip club. We’re here to hopefully make your night more enjoyable and if it all goes right, unforgettable. I have worked in nightlife since turning twenty-one, started cocktailing on a casino floor, and moved into lounges and nightclubs only to make the jump into bartending. And although, some nights are grueling and relentless, I feel lucky to have the jobs I do and appreciate the craft more than ever. Coincidently, one of the biggest and best selling Irish whiskey companies feels the same and gives back to the nightlife industry every year by sponsoring a big party just for us. Maybe you’ve heard of them before? They go by a little name called Jameson.

The Jameson Bartenders Ball is a yearly event held all over the U.S. and is open to really anyone somehow involved in the service industry. I have been to this event now for the last five years, not only because it is one of my favorite brands, but also they always put on a great night for local bartenders. However, this year they did things a little differently. They are holding two different events with limited tickets available. I was invited to the first one on April 4th, but there will be a second one again in June. It was held at McMullan’s Irish pub, quite fitting, and donned in all the Jameson swag possible. Four bars were accessible to the group, all pouring the delicious Irish nectar. Most bars kept it simple just mixing the whiskey with certain mixers, but the outside bar offered an Old Fashioned with Jameson Black Barrel. They had photo booths, a live DJ and passed Irish fare hors d’oeuvres. And although guests were limited, the place filled up fast. My friends and I stayed for a few hours and then left to partake in the after party at Herbs and Rye. No surprise there. All in all, the night was a success and I patiently await next year’s ball. Thank you Jameson for all that you do.

McMullan’s Irish Pub

4650 W Tropicana Ave #110

Las Vegas, NV 89103