I am hoping that I don’t sound too jaded in this article, but there are times when my faith in the good of mankind has truly wavered. If you are observant like I am, you may have noticed a trend these days in the impatience of those around us and deceitfulness in others, whether it is while driving on our fine roads or partaking in the services of a local business. The following are examples of exactly what I am talking about.

A few days ago, while driving home from work, I was accosted by an aggressive and obnoxious driver. My wonderful and caring parents raised me to show courtesy on the road to others and use common courtesies, for example, such as signaling while changing lanes. These attributes reflect our consideration for others while traveling on the road. Suddenly, as I changed lanes by signaling, I saw an angry driver signaling me by rapidly flashing his headlights in my rear view mirror. He appeared to be annoyed that I made a lane change in front of him. Acting as if he owned the road, he cut into the right lane and went around me, coming very close to my rear bumper, and proceeded to cut very close in front of me and then just speed away. Mind you, I did not even attempt to change lanes without prior use of my signal and not until I had confirmed that the lane had been clear. This careless driver had just hastily jumped into the same lane as me and decided that he owned the road and that I should get out of his way.

I also had an experience with our local postal service while shipping a care package to our sponsored child in Nicaragua. This package was filled with much needed clothing, shoes and socks for the child, as well as a soccer ball for recreation. We spent about $50 on these meager items and I went to the post office to mail this small box of items internationally using first class postage and the proper customs declaration forms. The postage amounted to almost $50. On the recommendation of the clerk and with a closer inspection of the tracking status of our package online, I discovered about a month after shipping the package that it had never left Las Vegas, NV, including the postal facility where I had shipped it from. To my amazement, the postal service will not guarantee their work and will do nothing about the fact that they either lost or someone stole our package. I could understand if the package had been lost in transit, but it never left the facility! They will not even refund our $50 postage for what amounts to an unfulfilled promise to deliver this item. What amazes me is that they couldn’t care less, nor have any intention of upholding their business purpose and promise, for which I’d paid them money—to deliver my package. No other company can function like this nor even continue to operate with a business model such as this…“So sorry, nothing we can do.” For the record, this is not the first time that I’ve experienced a failure in services of this nature with this organization.

So, how does one keep the faith? How do we find confidence in humanity when unfortunate things happen to good people? Now, my examples above are just minor compared to the truly bad situations that we can find ourselves in, but they test our faith nonetheless. My continued faith is founded in my unwavering commitment to God and my ultimate belief in the good in people. I also believe that all of our experiences, good ones and bad ones, are a test for each of us and it is how we react to these “tests” that determine the outcome and direction of our life. I think it has a lot to do with our ability to forgive, and maybe even attempt to feel compassion, for those who do not live up to our standards. This is the true challenge and the reward in life: if we can rise above and not be consumed by hatred or contempt for others.

I truly believe that the key to our future, our humanity, is to forgive. We must all create the future we desire: one filled with compassion and consideration for others. It is our ability to rise above the hatred and selfishness of the day, and focus on showing our best behaviors and our kindness, for the greater good for all of mankind.

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