In our busy lives and information-overloaded society, it can seem fairly rare that we are able to find a moment of total relaxation and peace, and then have the foresight to remember to give thanks for it. It can feel like each day is rushing by us and we don’t have a moment to breathe. Some days, I feel bombarded with so much “important” information that I am supposed to and need to retain, that I not only lose sight of where I am and what I’m are doing, but I often lose perspective on what and who is important.

I have a sign in my office on the wall that reads ... “take time to breathe!” I have to remember to regularly glance at that sign while I am working to remember that I can’t do everything and be everything, to everyone. At least not all at one time. It has always been my mindset that HR is the problem solver, sounding board and safe zone where individuals can come and speak their mind about their work, boss or other frustrations. I never want to change that perspective either. As a mother, in my mind I am always thinking... people my children need someone to talk to and that is my key role and purpose in human resources. My children need to vent and know that their comments and frustrations will be kept private and confidential.

So, how do we manage to keep our heart and soul alive and well in the work-a-day world that we’ve embraced?

I suggest that you do the following things...

• Remember that we are dealing with people, and no two individuals think alike or see things in the same way. Have patience and compassion.

• Strive to keep balance in your life with commitment to your work - but also passionate commitment to family and loved ones. No matter what, family comes FIRST!

• Focus on your goals but keep perspective by allowing yourself “days off” and “down days” where your mind can wander and your body can just soak in the sunshine and listen to the wind through the trees. Make relaxation a regular thing!

• Say thank you and with sincerity to those around you - your team, friends, family and your God. Be thankful and appreciative of each and every moment, day and opportunity!

• Treat your body, heart, mind and soul well and take care of it! Find time to rest, laugh and relax! Our body is the vessel that we use here on Earth, for the limited time that we are here, so take good care of you!

No matter our faith, giving thanks, prayer, and taking time to appreciate the world around us is key to our happiness, finding and keeping balance in life, and maintaining a sound perspective on who and what is important. You may pour your entire being into your work, and hopefully your family as well, but it is essential that you also find balance in all that YOU are and do. To find true happiness you have to have faith, compassion, and love for and in yourself and your fellow man. Never lose sight of what is important - it always comes back to YOU!

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