The legendary award-winning chef and restaurateur Charlie Palmer, who has been at the forefront of great American food since the 1980s, has released his latest cookbook, American Fare: Everyday Recipes from My Kitchens to Yours. The book is a compilation of more than 100 of the best recipes he cooks at home and in his restaurants. One thing I especially like is that unlike some cookbooks, this one is filled with recipes that are easy to follow and don’t include ingredient lists with items that are hard to find or so extensive that you need two shopping carts to procure them. The majority of the recipes list 8-10 ingredients. The book is arranged by sections of Soups and Salads, Quick and Easy Lunches, Vegetables and Sides, Pasta and Grains, Meat and Birds, Fish, Family Favorites and Backyard Dinners, Snack Time and Delicious Desserts. Each section begins with tips and personal reflections from Chef Charlie and most recipes are accompanied by color photos of the plated dish.