July 2018

Hot Off the Grill

An exclusive tasting event entitled, To Kalon On The Road, was hosted on May 23rd at The Mirage and offered a blind tasting of wines from a legendary Champagne Read more ›

The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional on Jul 1, 2018

Wine Talk with Alice Swift

The inspiration for this month’s article comes from my social media feed, actually. After doing my daily browse through my Facebook friends’ posts, I saw a wine-related question come Read more ›

Alice Swift on Jul 1, 2018

What's Brewing

photos courtesy Eureka! and by Dave Canela Three Pieces of News from CraftHaus Brewery Lots of news coming out of CraftHaus Brewery in the Booze District in Henderson. The biggest announcement Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Jul 1, 2018

Broads of Bourbon

Photo courtesy Atomic Liquors The Broads’ favorite Las Vegas best off the main strip hot spots for whiskey cocktails and fun. Atomic Liquors Considered the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas (Tavern Read more ›

Mary Powers & Delilah Tennyson on Jul 1, 2018

Brett's Vegas View

Entertainment Comedian George Wallace returns with a new residency at Westgate in the Westgate Cabaret Tuesday through Thursday. He recently starred alongside Morgan Freeman in Just Getting Started and will Read more ›

Jackie Brett on Jul 1, 2018

The 100 Year Flight

photos by José Salinas The Dalmore is located in the heart of the Scottish highlands and has a lineage that dates back to 1839. They are now building on their Read more ›

Adam Rains on Jul 1, 2018

Product Review

Moore’s Marinades and Sauces  Hot sauces are all the rage these days, and I had the opportunity to check out one of the Moore’s Marinades and Sauces line of hot Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Jul 1, 2018


Good things end, regretfully. This is my last story of the series of sake, Japanese foods and the Asian food culture I have written over the last five years. Read more ›

K. Mike Masuyama Ph.D. on Jul 1, 2018

What's Cooking

Photos courtesy Cleo, MGM Resorts International and by Chris Summers Cleo Brings the Mediterranean to Las Vegas What do you get when you mix old Hollywood glamour with relaxed Mediterranean charm and Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Jul 1, 2018

Twinkle Toast

Photo by Erin Cooper For Jesse Bongiovi and Ali Thomas, summertime in the Hamptons and drinking rosé has always gone hand in hand, but it wasn’t until recently that they Read more ›

Erin Cooper & Christine Vanover on Jul 1, 2018

Chef Spotlight

For much of his career, Johnny Church has jumped around kitchens. Now, he might have found a place to settle for a long time to come. Church recently took Read more ›

Pat Evans on Jul 1, 2018

A Bountiful Harvest

Chef Roy Ellamar’s Beloved Farm-to-Table Restaurant at Bellagio Resort Hosts a Luxurious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Celebration  Harvest by Chef Roy Ellamar at Bellagio Resort hosted on June 20 the latest dinner and celebration Read more ›

Don Chareunsy on Jul 1, 2018

Diced Kitchen

Photos courtesy Diced and by Bill Bokelmann Ever felt like indulging in a prepared meal but didn’t feel like getting dressed up and going out? Or just felt like kicking Read more ›

Bob Barnes on Jul 1, 2018

Best of the Best

Photos courtesy The M and Shelley Stepanek The Palms, with its huge renovation throughout the whole hotel and casino, opened new venues with a spectacular night of parties. The Camden Read more ›

Shelley Stepanek on Jul 1, 2018

The Bottom Line

If you’re fortunate enough to have a patio or other outdoor seating area, you have massive potential to create a new dimension of your restaurant experience. In many areas, Read more ›

Ben Brown on Jul 1, 2018

Nevada Restaurant Association

A combination of high unemployment and home foreclosure rates along with substance abuse have resulted in the Las Vegas metro area having the nation’s fourth highest rate of homelessness. Read more ›

Marisa Gancz on Jul 1, 2018

Human Resources Insights

I don’t know if you can but I remember when customer service was real. It was down-to-earth, genuine, caring for and about the customer. I know that I’m aging Read more ›

Linda Westcott-Bernstein on Jul 1, 2018

USBG Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to be a bartender. Whether you work in a local gaming bar, fine-dining restaurant, or a high-volume club, there are a multitude of Read more ›

Adam Rains on Jul 1, 2018

UNLV Epicurean Society

Photos by Justin Leung and Deanna Wong “Are we at the right place?” I remember asking myself as I approached large wooden doors. I was beginning to think that Google Read more ›

Justin Leung on Jul 1, 2018

The Restaurant Expert

Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profitability. Why? When the clock goes tick, you owe! For your food costs, if you buy too much food, as Read more ›

David Scott Peters on Jul 1, 2018

How to Price Catering to Be Profitable

You have such an advantage over the chains when it comes to off-site catering. Why? It’s simple. As an independent restaurant owner, you do not have to follow what Read more ›

Sandy Korem on Jul 1, 2018