Justin Leung


Justin Leung, a Hospitality Management student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, represents the Epicurean Society, a collective of food and restaurant enthusiastic students. As the journalist on their leadership team, Justin desires to share the club’s experiences with the public. He is from Georgia and decided to pursue his passion for hospitality in Las Vegas.

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UNLV Epicurean Society

photos by Justin Leung, Deanna Wong, Hanna Min and Leah Love Tabling. Flyers. Posters. Club Representatives...Involvement Fair, which took place on January 24th, is every UNLV organization’s opportunity to market Read more ›

Justin Leung on Apr 1, 2018

UNLV Epicurean Society

Deanna Wong and Kimberly Verdin. Photos by Hanna Min and Giorgina Agrellas Entering the new year, Epicurean Society began fresh. Not only are there months of events ahead of us, the leadership Read more ›

Justin Leung on Feb 1, 2018

UNLV Epicurean Society

Photos by Hanna Min. Event ideas, marketing campaigns, and meetings develop from momentum of previous semesters; staying consistent with our organization’s agenda is important for future members. The leadership team, Read more ›

Justin Leung on Jan 1, 2018

UNLV Epicurean Society

As a junior majoring in hospitality and a new member of Epicurean Society, I am enthralled to take on this position by combining what I enjoy most: writing, food Read more ›

Justin Leung on Dec 1, 2017