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The Nevada Restaurant Association

Culinary Excellence Awards  The Nevada Restaurant Association presented the Culinary Excellence Awards on December 10, 2018 during the 36th Annual Meeting of the Members. The annual event honors the best Read more ›

Diana Webber on Jan 1, 2019

Nevada Restaurant Association

If everyone agrees that service, selling, quality, value, cleanliness and friendliness are so important, then why are they executed on some shifts and not others? If every restaurant in your Read more ›

Diana Webber on Dec 1, 2018

Nevada Restaurant Association

The restaurant industry is one of the most diverse industries in the country employing more minority managers than any other industry. It is also one of the most charitable Read more ›

Diana Webber on Nov 1, 2018

National Food Safety Month—Restaurant Inspection Checklist

An efficient Restaurant Inspection Checklist is focused on standard safety actions and processes for your staff. It should be displayed prominently in your kitchen. Keep it in an easy-to-edit Read more ›

Diana Webber on Sep 1, 2018