Michael Oshman


Michael Oshman is the founder and executive director of the Green Restaurant Association GRA, a national non-profit organization formed in 1990 to create environmental sustainability in the foodservice industry. 

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Government Cracks Down on Non-Transparent Environmental Claims

The term Greenwashing has been around for a couple decades or so. It describes businesses that make general unsubstantiated environmental claims in order to attract environmentally concerned customers Read more ›

Michael Oshman on Oct 1, 2015

Local Might Not Be as Close as You Think

“Our tomatoes come from a farm 5 miles away,” says the sign on the front of the restaurant. But, signs are not always as simple as they seem. Read more ›

Michael Oshman on Jul 1, 2015

Green Restaurant Association

New York City has banned polystyrene foam, aka Styrofoam™. It is the latest environmental law affecting the restaurant industry. There are hundreds of environmental laws around Read more ›

Michael Oshman on Apr 1, 2015