As you may or may not know, I have a personal love for technology and innovation. I enjoy being the first to try a new technology or gadget, and get especially excited when two of my passions are combined—technology and beverage! 

It’s pretty clear that social media has been fully embedded into our mainstream world today. With a 70% penetration rate (active usage)1, North America has the third highest social network user-base globally (China and India being 1st and 2nd, respectively). 

With many F&B related businesses relying on social media as their primary form of business, it’s no wonder that someone saw the potential value in starting a wine app that centers are social media. 

In enters the My Wine Society (MWS) Mobile App, which claims to be the “most robust and engaging wine platform in the world.” 2 Their goal is to bridge the digital world and the wine community together through the mobile app. The app connects vineyard/winery owners, vendors, businesses, sommeliers, wine drinkers, etc., all into this robust social engagement platform that caters to the latest generation of wine drinkers. 

There are quite a few features and tools within this app, but here are a few that I think are of value to the average wine consumer: 


The Channels page has various “channels” dedicated to common themes. Wine education, recommended wines, events, recipes, etc., there really is something for everyone!


The Wineries feature is great, as it helps to bring awareness of partnering wineries to users of this app. You can search for wineries in your area, but since they are still a new company, they are working on increasing the regions and number of wineries available. Although I am located in Hawaiʻi and the app had not listed any wineries in my local area, I was able to search other regions in the US and globally, such as California, Oregon, Washington, France, Barcelona, and most recently, Mexico! 

Leaderboard & Badges

This is probably one of the most intriguing features for those who are heavy users of social media and are motivated by competition. You can obtain points and earn badges by completing various missions and staying active within the app. Your score is ranked against others who use the app, and a leaderboard displays the top three scorers for the day, week, month, all time, etc. You can also see Top 50 users at any time. 

If you’re an avid user of social media, love all things wine, then check out this app! My Wine Society is available on both iOS and Google Play stores. 


Until next month, Cheers~!