photos courtesy Eureka! and by Dave Canela

Three Pieces of News from CraftHaus Brewery

Lots of news coming out of CraftHaus Brewery in the Booze District in Henderson. The biggest announcement is that co-head brewers Steph Cope and Steve Brockman, who have been at the brewery since it opened nearly four years ago, have packed up their brewer boots and are returning to their homeland, Australia. An emotional farewell took place on June 15, their last day of work, with the tasting room filled with well-wishers. Steph and Steve have certainly won over the hearts of all who were blessed to spend time in their presence, and they will be missed greatly. The brewing duo are also to be commended and thanked for all they did to put CraftHaus and the Las Vegas brewing community on the map. (At press time their replacements had not yet been announced.)

Around the same time came news of a cease and desist letter from action film star Jean Claude Van Damme’s attorney complaining about the name of its annual Belgian Golden Strong Ale release named Jean Claude Damn Van, which was originally named in 2014 in honor of the name of the van notorious for breaking down that Steph and Steve spent a year traveling all over the US in before coming to work at CraftHaus. “I’m actually flattered that our beer has the attention of Jean Claude Van Damme’s attorney and wish JCVD himself could enjoy a glass of this beautiful beer,” said CraftHaus co-owner Wyndee Forrest. CraftHaus has complied to all demands put forth by Jean Claude Van Damme’s attorney, including removing the logo from social media and the beer has been renamed Not That Jean Claude as a reminder of the van that brought the brewers to the brewery.

Lastly, CraftHaus has purchased and is now using its new canning line. It was previously using mobile canning services, and this latest addition points to the success of the brewery as it increases its footprint across Southern Nevada. 

Two Craft Beer Havens Make Their Way to Downtown: Three Sheets and Eureka!

After developing a craft beer following at their Three Sheets in Dublin, CA in the Bay area, Stefanie Jackel and Wendy Rather have expanded their operation to Downtown Las Vegas. Their craft beer bar of the same name is located at 1115 S. Casino Center in the Downtown Arts District across the street from Vesta Coffee Roasters and Esther’s Kitchen, a block south of Charleston. The focus is completely on craft beer (no crap on tap) with an emphasis on supporting local beer. The Three Sheets moniker is a nod to a location they originally scouted at an old naval base in Alameda, CA (sheets is a nautical term for the ropes on a sailing vessel) as well as the old expression “three sheets to the wind.”

You kind of have to know what you are looking for as there is no signage with the bar’s name, but as you approach the two-level brick building a neon sign with just the word BAR and 1115 (street address) makes it easy to spot. Inside you’ll find an ample amount of large windows, wood floor and tables, Edison lights, six TVs and an outdoor patio and courtyard large enough to host games such as cornhole and oversized games. A remarkable circular staircase leads to another bar and outdoor patio. 

This is truly a craft beer bar, as it serves only a small selection of wine and cider and a selection of brews you don’t see everywhere else that is fluid (pun intended), meaning as soon as one keg is emptied a different one replaces it. At press time the draft line-up included a variety of beer styles and seven local-brewed products such as Big Dog’s Underbite IPA, Joseph James Fatalisk Barnd Farmhouse Ale and Lovelady Tres Amour Belgian Tripel. 

As parking is always at a premium in the area, fortunately there is free parking in a lot just behind the bar, which is shared with a business park, as well as additional space in a vacant dirt lot a few steps beyond. While no food is served, patrons are welcome to bring in their own and plans are to have partnerships with nearby restaurants and local food trucks making regular appearances. 

Another newly-opened craft beer haven in the Downtown area is Eureka! in the former location of The Beat Coffeehouse in the Emergency Arts Building at 520 E. Fremont. This is the 23rd location of the Eureka Group and its first in Nevada. There’s ample space with seating for 170, an outdoor patio and décor featuring an industrial ceiling, hanging Edison lights and rustic wood tables. The menu is highlighted by all-natural Angus burgers matched with an all-American beverage program with 40 craft beer taps pouring several local beers from Bad Beat, Big Dog’s, CraftHaus, Hop Nuts, Joseph James and Tenaya Creek; and more than 40 American whiskeys including several small batch and hard-to-find gems.