PT’s Brewing Beer Dinner

Last month I attended the PT’s Brewing Company beer dinner featuring a five-course pairing with the beers of Brewmaster Dave Otto. The menu was enough to feed an army, with full-sized servings of smoked chicken tacos, smoked pork Thai spring rolls, hog hammers with baked beans, buffalo steak tomato salad with roasted chicken, Memphis-style pork ribs with raisin and almond coleslaw, smoked beef brisket with collard greens and fried mac and cheese and apple crisps with vanilla ice cream with candied Applewood smoked bacon.

My photographer, Joe Urcioli, happens to be an IPA connoisseur and proclaimed Dave’s Durango Double IPA to be the best rendition of the style he’d ever had. My favorite of the night was the dessert beer—Nutty Irishman Irish Red infused with toasted macadamia nuts, coconut and cacao nibs—which judging from the conversations I overheard was also many of the other attendees’ preferred beer. Congrats on the PT’s Brewing team on a well done pairing and pulling it off with no glitches or lapses in service.

Aces & Ales Hosting
Special Tapping

On June 9-10 Aces & Ales will host a special tapping with homebrewer turned pro Kelsey McNair and his newly formed San Diego-based North Park Beer Company. 10 beers will be poured, including the six-time award-winning Hop-Fu IPA. The tasting on June 9 will take place at the Nellis location in conjunction with the SNAFU homebrew club monthly meeting and the tapping on June 10 will be at the Tenaya location. Both will convene at 5 p.m.

Beer Takes the Pain Away?

This just in, according to research out of London’s University of Greenwich published in The Journal of Pain how’s that for a science journal’s name!, it was found that beer is a better pain reliever than Tylenol and other over-the-counter pain meds. The head of the study, Dr. Trevor Thompson, reported that downing three or four beers can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol also known as acetaminophen, the off-brand chemical name for Tylenol. Now we know that the term “good for what ales you” is literally true.

Nevada Legislature Close to Raising Yearly Brewing Cap

You may not know this, but unlike other businesses, our state breweries have a cap on how much they can produce in a year, with the current cap set at 15,000 barrels. This limitation is akin to requiring McDonald’s to shut down for the rest of the year after they’ve made their millionth hamburger. I can’t imagine who would want such a limitation on our state’s brewers. Wait, yes I can; it’s the distributors of the macro-breweries, who try to stymie competition from craft brewers by hiring lobbyists and contributing to the campaign coffers of politicians. Their flimsy reasoning for the cap is that it protects small breweries by preventing a Budweiser from coming in and opening a brewpub with unlimited sales, a highly unlikely prospect.

But help may be on the way, for in the current Nevada Legislative Session, SB 130, a bill that would double the current cap, passed out of the Senate unanimously and will likely be going to a conference committee so the Assembly and Senate can come to agreement on the final bill. I promise to keep you posted on the eventual outcome.

Oskar Blues Unveils Re-sealable Crowler

Oscar Blues, which was one of the first breweries to can craft beer and is a pioneer of canned beer, continues to be innovative. After inventing the Crowler a device that fills and seals draft beer into a can so you can take it home for later enjoyment in 2012, it has now gone one step further and come up with a re-sealable Crowler can lid. Developed by Dayton Systems Group, unlike the previous version, which once opened, like any canned product, had to be consumed when opened, this new version has an easy-to-pour opening and a cap that can be opened and reclosed with a quarter turn. The cap also contains an oxygen scavenger to help maintain the beer’s freshness. The new device is available in all 50 states. To inquire about purchasing, contact