The coronavirus crisis has been a catastrophe for nearly all sectors of our society. Nevada Governor Sisolak’s 30-day shutdown of non-essential businesses, which as I write this is less than halfway through running its course, has ceased operations of most of our beer-related businesses, resulting in great uncertainty as to what will happen next month and beyond.

Along with the shutdown are cancellations or postponements of beer festivals, including two of the major Southern Nevada fests: Boulder City Beerfest and Motley Brews Great Vegas Festival of Beer. On Feb. 29 I attended the Beer Zombies Craft Beer Festival, an outstanding event, and one the best I’ve ever experienced, and unfortunately it may turn out to be the last fest I get to attend for who knows how long.

In this column I had hoped to give details on two new breweries that were readying to open in the Downtown Arts District—Nevada Brew Works and HUDL Brewing—but alas, like so many facets of our lives, that will have to wait. 

One news item I can pass on, is that as of a few months ago, PT’s Brewing had shut down its brewing operations. Rumor is that they are now having their PT’s brand beers contract brewed by a brewery in California, for the reason being it was cheaper for them to do so. Before the virus shutdown the brewpub on Tenaya was still open, but the brewing equipment was sitting idle. 

Amidst all this gloom and doom, it’s worth noting that we can and should still support our local beer-related businesses. As of March 25, Aces & Ales remains open for takeout and is even offering growler fills and sales of bottles, and at greatly reduced prices for both beer, appetizers and pizza. Just check out the available beer lists and food menu on their website ( and call in your order. In addition, Big Dog’s Brewing ( and Chicago Brewing ( have takeout of food and beer, CraftHaus Brewery ( has cans and growler fills and Mojave Brewing ( is offering growler fills. To support local breweries, look for their beer at grocery stores and buy some. Furthermore, once the businesses are allowed to reopen I encourage you to patronize them, as the current shutdown is without a doubt an incredible challenge to all and they will surely need increased business once they reopen in order to survive. 

It’s my sincere hope that our craft beer community will weather this storm, but it’s up to beer-loving people like you and me to help them do just that, once our lives return to some semblance of normalcy.