Photo credit: Dee Hernandez

Dee Hernandez

2019 was a great year for Dee Hernandez. She won cocktail competitions, continued her spirits education and won the Armando & Sheila Rosario Tales of the Cocktail Scholarship award from the USBG. Keep an eye out for her as 2020 will be even better. 

Where do you currently work and what do you love about it? 

I currently work at Herbs & Rye and Tacos and Beer. I love them both! They both bring out different personalities in me. 

How did you get your start behind the bar?

I moved my way up from hosting at IHOP to serving at Miller’s Ale House. Miller’s Ale House gave me a shot at bartending when someone called out during St Patrick’s Day. It was the most nerve wracking and exhilarating experience I ever had. I fell in love with that feeling and here we are now. 

Herbs & Rye has won Best American High Volume Bar twice and Best American Bar Team at The Spirited Awards during Tales of the Cocktail. What do you think are characteristics that make up a great
bar team? 

COMMUNICATION! I can’t say that enough! We all help each other out, we communicate and we say what we need and get it done. Plain and simple.

What is the biggest goal you hope to accomplish by the end 2020?

So many. One of my biggest goals in 2020 will have to be focusing on self-growth. I would like to be more educated about my craft. Knowledge is power. 

What is your favorite cocktail trend at
the moment? 

Well, I hate admitting it, but I like the bubble cocktails we see on Instagram all the time. I think it is an intriguing way to capture an audience, which gives you an opportunity to educate the crowd. 

How has the USBG impacted your life since joining?

I cannot say enough! It has changed every aspect of my life. I knew I loved being a bartender and I chose this as my career, which means I need to educate myself to be better. The USBG has helped me accomplish that. I always mention this to every new bartender I talk to. Join the USBG! It’s worth every penny!

What is something important to you that you want the world to know?

I want the world to know that you matter. The world might say no today, but every day is a new start. You can do anything your heart desires, but it takes hard work and dedication. It is not easy. But you can do it.