Photos courtesy Joel Andrew

Meet Joel Andrew

Joel is a newcomer to our town and the USBG. He relocated to Vegas because he “was hungry for knowledge in a thirsty town.” While he originally got his start in Canada, his 15 years in the service industry has brought him around the globe. From bartending in New Zealand, Australia, Waikiki and a near death experience in Bali, he has now landed on a new perch, Flock & Fowl Downtown. Speaking of which, Joel mentioned, “I just came on board and already love it. There is some amazing bar talent from all corners of the city whom I’m excited to work beside, and we’re given the freedoms to make the magic happen.” In furthering his professional development the USBG has been a great tool for Joel: “It surpassed all of my expectations and would recommend it to anyone wanting to better themselves in the craft. Oh, and Raul makes a hell of a pineapple basil smash.” Joel is a perfect hybrid of hospitality and mixology. While he treats his guests as if they were in his home, he views bartending “as a branch of culinary, and approach it as such.” On his many travels, he has learned many things including, a “single” in New Zealand is only a half ounce and therefore, pretty much everyone orders doubles, and how to take a shot of vodka through his eyeball. 

Go see Andy real soon for some cocktails, stories and chicken, and be sure and ask him about his famous reverse salami: “It’s a lasagna hog!

Kung Fu Pandan by Joel Andrew

1.5 oz Don Q Cristal

1/3 oz of pandan tincture*

2 oz fresh peach juice

1/2 oz lemon

2/3 oz orgeat

Build in a Collins glass over cubed ice. Top with ginger beer and crushed ice.

*Pandan tincture: macerate pandan leaves in Everclear for at least 24 hours and strain out liquid.

Garnish with pandan leaves and coconut pandan mochi on a lemongrass spear.

Photos courtesy Joymar Herrin

Joymar Herrin “Shaking for Puerto Rico!”  

During the last three years, Joymar Herrin has become a staple of our bartending community. Originally from Puerto Rico, she’s worked at The Cosmopolitan, Buddy V’s and most recently, Chica, where she’s moved from Lead Bartender to Operations Manager.  “It’s been a challenge and eye opener; I haven’t been challenged in a while so it’s good to be.” Her approach to bartending has always been hospitality based. Whether it’s on one side of the bar, or the other, it’s always been 100% about the guest. Regarding being a third generation food & beverage disciple, she said, “It is something that I learned from my grandmother.” It’s in her blood. Speaking about the Bartenders’ Guild, Joy has nothing but amazing things to say: “The USBG gave me exposure, challenge, education, traveling, everything professionally and my very best friends.” In addition to that, they are now involved in charitable activities. The Chapters in Miami, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas have come together in support of hurricane relief. This January, Joy along with Puerto Rican bartender, Milton Soto, have helped put on the Pig & Punch. Part pig-roast part cocktail-competition, it gives all proceeds to the Island Recovery Fund. Viva Puerto Rico!

Cane Loves Coffee by Joymar Herrin

2 oz Don Q Gran Q

1 oz Malted Coffee Syrup

1/2 oz Guava Puree

Combine in a mixing glass, stir with ice and strain into a coupe.