Photo by Austin Ynigo

Austin Ynigo and Leah Love

I write to announce that I will be returning for this academic year to UNLV’s Epicurean Society as the new Vice President and continuing Journalist. Deanna Wong stands as the current President since our organization has lost its co-presidency. Prior to assuming my new role, I desired an appropriate revamp of our club to retain and prepare members for executive positions. In order to ensure the preparedness and success of our future club members, committees are set in place for one-on-one mentoring. Deanna and I are determined to restructure the organization and create member committees. 

This redesign encourages existing and new members to engage with the leadership team and aim for executive position openings: Epicurean Society has been modified to maintain evenly distributed delegations and a variety of participatory opportunities. The executive team has changed their structure to meet the demands of the UNLV community and foster collaborative cultures within the organization. 

A full evaluation of our weaknesses allowed us to determine a marketing committee would benefit our organization the most. The lack of one has caused a slight backlash with member acquisition and retention. Leah Love and Austin Ynigo have accepted their positions as Co-heads of Marketing and are returning members to Epicurean Society. Within the first couple months of the summer, they helped us develop a new logo for our organization: a simple, casual, yet intriguing design. From the moment our eyes set on the new font and appearance, we knew we had secured executive officers for our new marketing team.

As always, our team is always fond of enthusiasts and we decided to acquaint ourselves with Leah and Austin by bonding with them more. They explained why they decided to co-lead Epicurean Society’s new marketing committee, “After getting to know more about Epicurean Society we were immediately inspired to use our skills and knowledge in graphic design to market the club to a larger audience. Plus, it’s about two things we love—food and design.”

Our brief conversation made me aware of an experience that separated Epicurean Society from all of the other hospitality organizations at UNLV: “To be honest it was the delicious food that enticed us, but it is was the friendly faces that made us stay,” the new Co-heads of Marketing said. 

Even though we are seen as the food enthusiast organization on campus, we hold an exceptionally high value for our members. We decided to dig deeper into Leah and Austin’s experience with graphic design. “We went to the same high school and both studied web design and development. From there, our love for graphic design blossomed. Over the years, we have done multiple projects from designing T-shirts for our award-winning hula group to creating corporate marketing assets for companies like Nike,” Leah and Austin said.

Epicurean Society has always been a magnet for talented, passionate and ambitious individuals who genuinely care about their contributions and projects. Though, Leah and Austin radiate diversity and specialty. “Unrelated to design, I think some of my greatest defining qualities would be my long hair and my unique last name. However, those characteristics are actually marketing related because I use them for my own personal brand!” Leah said. 

Austin added, “My most defining quality would have to be my keen eye for design and my ability to evolve when needed. Also, when I am very passionate about something I like to share it with others.” 

The beginning of a new academic year means plenty of room for growth in our organization. Deanna and I wanted to make sure our marketing team was aligned with goals for Epicurean Society as a brand and spirited organization. “Our short-term goals would be that we are excited to make everything consistent and establish Epicurean Society’s brand. For our long-term goal, we want Epicurean Society to be more recognized across campus through its brand. We want people to not only know it’s Epicurean Society through the logo, but also know who we are and what we do,” Austin and Leah said.

It’s important to create eye-catching designs that send subconscious messages, but an entirely new ballpark to publicize the goals and activities of a brand. We strive to offer enjoyable cuisines while upholding our friendly welcomes and warm embraces. Epicurean Society has faced multiple difficulties throughout the years, especially with executive members graduating or individuals who struggle with tight schedules. 

The upcoming future of our foodie organization appears bright: Our new marketing team has embodied the energy and impact we search for in all of our members. With UNLV’s Involvement Fair approaching soon, the Epicurean Society team eagerly waits for the vacant executive positions: a back-of-house lead, a partner relations lead and a treasurer, to be filled.