Photo credit: Savannah Reeves, Travis Tagala and Jenny Chung

We’re almost halfway through the Fall 2019 semester and it’s been a busy month for our members. Between volunteering and working in the kitchen, Epicurean Society has yet to slow down. Our first big event was Breaking Barriers put on by Eta Sigma Delta, UNLV’s chapter of the International Hospitality Honors Society. Breaking Barriers is a fantastic networking opportunity for the leadership teams of the student hospitality organizations to come together. It’s a time to unite our organizations together and discuss our plans for the semester. Epicurean Society provided food for the event, as there is no better way to bring people together. Our members came up with a Mediterranean-inspired menu featuring grilled veggie open-faced sandwiches, lightly toasted pita bread, homemade hummus, Caesar salad and cookies. It was an excellent light offering that everyone could enjoy over the course of the event. Providing food for the event was a fun learning opportunity for our back-of-house team. Our favorite new method was searing lemons for the hummus recipe. While it may be a little extra work, it enhances the flavor in the hummus. The Epicurean leadership team also brought along our members that helped us in making the food. They all thoroughly enjoyed the chance to mingle with other organizations and consider if they themselves would like to join our leadership team in the future. The food was an overall hit and a great way to bring everyone together before a series of icebreakers. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know other student leaders on campus and discuss future collaborations. 

A favorite event amongst our members is UNLV’s Art Walk. This was only the third year of the event, but our members who participated last year remembered it well. Art Walk is an event that is a collaboration of the various art departments around campus. Free and open to the public, it takes over a fair amount of UNLV campus. Guests can enjoy an immersive experience of student art pieces, music, dance, theater and much more. Art Walk also offers free food and beverages sponsored by an array of restaurants. This year, our students came up with the idea of providing cake pops. We came up with a recipe for red velvet cake pops with cream cheese icing, dipped in milk chocolate with either a white chocolate drizzle or white chocolate garnish. As we realized we also had some leftover melted chocolate, the back-of-house team came up with a chocolate bark on the fly. The guests sincerely enjoyed our offerings and we received rave reviews. It was a wonderful chance to support the arts and also promote our club. 

A favorite activity amongst our members are our monthly restaurant outings. For our first outing of the semester, our members collectively decided they’d like to experience Block 16, an urban food hall in The Cosmopolitan. Much of the group had never been there before, so we were excited to partake in the experience together. We met just outside of the food hall and all went in together. Block 16 features restaurants such as: District: Donuts. Sliders. Brews., Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Lardo, Pok Pok Wing and Tekka Bar. For guests over twenty-one, you can also visit The Cosmopolitan’s hidden bar Ghost Donkey. Our group briefly split up to see what there was to offer, coming together at a table to dig into our feast. Almost everyone got something different and had an opportunity to try a little bit of everything; there was nothing bad to say about the food. We also shared a box of donuts from District: Donuts. Sliders. Brews., which were dangerously delicious. It was an exciting opportunity to bond and get to know each other better, as we had gained a significant number of new members this semester. 

As we discussed our favorite restaurants around Las Vegas, someone brought up the new Hello Kitty Café. This was another place the majority had yet to visit, so we collectively decided to check it out together. Thus, we walked over to The Park where the café is located. The Hello Kitty Café features a large array of delicious sweet treats featuring a variety of Sanrio characters. They also have an expansive drink menu featuring a variety of tea, coffee and lemonade. Although we had all just eaten beforehand, we couldn’t resist trying their adorable desserts and milk teas. It truly was a wonderful bonding experience that brought us all together. The enjoyment of food is what we’re all about, and there’s nothing better than enjoying food together with a group of other like-minded individuals. I know we are all eagerly looking forward for what else is to come this semester.