Photos by Erin Cooper - Yoga instructor Patrick Mason - TruFusion on Blue Diamond

On our hunt for exciting ways to make wine more approachable for the average consumer, we came across a yoga instructor who wanted to include wine with yoga practice. With the generous support of Rick Fiumara, Senior Regional Manager of Trinchero Family Estates, Patrick Mason, yoga instructor at TruFusion on Blue Diamond, was able to showcase Napa Cellars Chardonnay, Terra d’ Oro Chenin Blanc/ Viognier, Charles & Charles Merlot and Folie a Deux Pinot Noir at his first wine and yoga class on August 12. Following the event, Mason was kind enough to speak with us about the turnout and how he sees it expanding.

Patrick, how long have you been a yoga instructor, and how did you come to TruFusion?

I’ve been teaching yoga for three years, and I got into TruFusion because I knew the owners from a studio I had previously worked at. They brought me on to manage the front desk and as a teacher, and I’ve been here ever since. 

What motivated you to host a wine and yoga class?

I wanted a way to bring people together for something fun, healthy and social. I knew that I could get a good crowd in the studio if I offered
an easy class, to help draw beginners, and had something extra, hence the wine. I wanted a lively and fun evening, and that’s exactly how it turned out. 

What is it about wine that you feel pairs well with yoga practice?

I find that both wine and yoga are relaxing, especially the Yin yoga. I find that a good yoga class, just like a good glass of wine, can really help you get your head straight. Sometimes you need to kick back and relax, and either yoga or wine will help with that. What better idea than to combine those two things?!

How many people attended your wine and yoga class, and what was the overall feedback?

We had about 50 people, and it went over great. People loved the class and came up after to ask about the wine. People new to Yin were able to try something new, and people who drink wine were exposed to new bottles. I’d call it a huge success. 

In terms of level of experience, what was the primary demographic in attendance?

It was an all levels class, so I had people who had never done yoga all the way to 10-year veterans in the room. One thing I pride myself on being able to offer my classes is options. I can see a struggling body and provide either a less complicated or intense stretch for a tight body or a deeper more complex variation for someone flexible. I had all ages as well, from early 20’s millennials to a 70-year-old granddad. 

You chose a Yin style of yoga for this class. Why?

I think the Yin style pairs well with wine. Yin is relaxing, slow and offers plenty of time during each posture to sip and enjoy the wine. It’s unlikely that you’ll end up moving so quickly that you’ll knock a glass over or get too tipsy to hold a balancing posture. The Yin floor postures and relaxing nature go well with the quite vibe we often attribute to drinking a glass of wine. 

Are you planning on hosting any more wine and yoga events?

I am! I am planning one in October, dates to be released later. I had a blast and loved the reception the class got. It’s definitely something I want to continue sharing with the yoga community here in Las Vegas.

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