Photos courtesy of Tommy Bahama

If you’re searching for a romantic tropphotos courtesy of Tommy Bahamaical oasis in the middle of the desert, Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar may become your ultimate destination. From the first step in the restaurant an undeniable airy, peaceful feeling combines with Caribbean elegance. Daytime diners are treated to abundant natural light created by tall glass windows and ceilings. 

Rum connoisseurs rejoice as Tommy’s is home to the largest rum collection in Las Vegas. Take advantage of the chance to try some of the rarest rums worldwide. Tommy’s also offers extremely vibrant signature martinis, cocktails, rum concoctions and even non-alcoholic “cocktails.” I can personally attest that one sip of one of the rum concoctions can instantly transport your state of mind to south Florida or Puerto Rico. The pineapple yuzu mojito, mai tai and crazy Cuban will have your tongue salsa dancing all day or night.

The cuisine of Tommy Bahama is mostly a fusion of U.S. coastal, Hawaiian and Caribbean fare and there are also influences of Japanese, Thai and Mexican cuisine. That would seem like a lot of contrasting tastes and ideas, but overall the menu is unified with a general theme of freshness. It is also worth mentioning that the sweet island flavors do not overpower the savory dishes. A perfect example of this would be their world-famous coconut shrimp. The papaya-mango chutney that accompanies the shrimp has a good amount of acid to properly cut through the sweet flavors. The menu also offers regional classic dishes that are taken to the next level in flavor and elegance. Shrimp and grits, a U.S. low country icon, is nicely accentuated with a Cajun brown butter and roasted corn salsa. The oven-roasted Mojo chicken and rice dish is absolutely explosive in flavor due to the addition of saffron and a tangerine achiote vinaigrette, making it a perfect light and tasty summer dish.

Before leaving the restaurant you must try at least one of five phenomenal desserts. Okay let’s be honest, you should try at least two of them. I myself am predominantly a savory food lover, but these desserts were so good they left quite an impression on me. Your chocolate cravings will be completely satisfied with either the peanut butter pie or the malted chocolate pie. The pineapple crème brulee, pina colada cake and key lime pie will more than satisfy your tropical sweet cravings. My personal favorite hands down is the pina colada cake, which is really such an elegant and light piece of cake with a generous kiss of Myers Dark Rum. Never before have I had a dessert that tied the whole experience and theme together so perfectly. It truly was a fantastic ending to an outstanding meal. 

So if you’re searching for an extremely relaxing environment with outstanding island-inspired food and drinks I highly recommend Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar. Thank you to the front-of-house staff for such a memorable experience. The entire staff are exceptionally inviting people who truly wanted me to have a great time. I personally can’t wait for the weather to cool down a little so I can go back to sip some of those fabulous rum drinks out on the patio.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar

6635 South Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89119