Photo credit: The Mob Museum

Living in a hustle and bustle world as we do, it’s always good to look back and see how we got to where we are, and identify who might’ve played a key role.  The Mob Museum helps visitors of all ages learn the history of our nation’s mobster and law enforcement relationships, as well as taking a deeper look into Prohibition.  

You are almost transported back in time the moment you enter the building, as it was once an actual courthouse and post office. Built in 1933, it appears on the National Register of Historic Places, so one could agree it is a fitting venue for a museum commemorating such an important piece of Las Vegas history: organized crime. But the building aside, the artifacts housed there and the interactive exhibits on display have stories to tell, which bring visitors face-to-face with not only the impact organized crime had on Las Vegas and America as a whole, but the gruesome horrors endured—or perpetrated—by those involved.

From bootlegging to massacres, viewers are exposed to hard evidence offered up by law enforcement, along with actual mobster artifacts on each of the museum’s three floors. Prepare for a jaw-dropping experience as you view some of the items on display, including many unedited and gruesome crime scene photos, and the actual brick wall that served as the backdrop for the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.  

After touring the museum, you will want to head to The Underground, where there are not only more items on display, but an actual brewery, distillery and speakeasy. This is where beer and moonshine is made, cocktails are served and special events are held. But take our word for it: You’ll want to check it out for yourself to see why there is more to The Underground than meets the eye.

This St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2020, The Mob Museum’s Senior Director of Content Geoff Schumacher and Educational Programs Manager Claire White will deliver a presentation entitled “The Irish Mob in Prohibition-era Chicago” from 2 to 3 p.m. and again from 4 to 5 p.m.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, The Underground speakeasy and distillery will provide some festive specials throughout the day, including green beer and Irish coffees. Irish to see everyone there to help celebrate this one-day-only event!

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