Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

With most of the bars in California closed, there could not be a better time for Ranch Rider Spirits Co. to make its way to the San Diego and Orange County markets. The Austin-based company is bringing its delicious offerings to SoCal in three flavors: Tequila Paloma, Ranch Water and The Chilton. Each brings a refreshingly unique taste of Texas to California.  

Ranch Rider Spirits’ ready-to-drink cocktails are made with sparkling water, freshly squeezed fruit and no added sugar. The lack of added sugar is a real bonus for those who are health-conscious and like to enjoy a cocktail without the guilt. The recyclable nature of aluminum cans doesn’t hurt either.  With two tequila options and a vodka option, Ranch Rider Spirits has an offering for everyone in your social circle.  

The first flavor we tried was “Ranch Water.” This delicious libation is made with reposado tequila, sparkling water and real lime juice. This was a refreshing summer classic and didn’t disappoint. At under 120 calories and with premium tequila as its base, Ranch Water was a perfect introduction to Ranch Rider Spirits’ ready-to-drink cocktails. Of note, Ranch Water was equally good right out of the can or served over ice. 

We moved next to “The Chilton,” Ranch Rider Spirits’ vodka-based varietal. This cocktail, mixed with real lemon juice and sea salt, was an instant hit. The mouthwatering combination of classic cocktail ingredients provided the feeling of being at a high-end bar near the beach. Being able to enjoy this quality offering at home was a real treat. 

The final flavor we tasted was Tequila Paloma, which consisted of a wonderful mix of fresh squeezed grapefruit, lime, orange, and of course, reposado tequila. The fresh fruit juice mixed with the agave flavors of Jalisco, Mexico provided a third delicious cocktail to enjoy. Tequila Paloma comes in at only 123 calories and with only 1.4 grams of sugar, it continues Ranch Riders’ streak of health-conscious options. 

We are thoroughly excited that Ranch Rider decided to bring a taste of Texas to Southern California. These healthy and delicious cocktails are sure to be enjoyed in backyards, by the pool and at the beach for as long as the 1700 cases last. We’re betting this delicious product will sell out fast and can only hope Ranch Rider Spirits Co. ships San Diego and Orange County some more. Summer lasts all year here in SoCal.