Bib and Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

“Bib and Tucker” is a term from America’s early days used to describe your finest attire, the kind you’d wear to a special or formal occasion. Along with the old timey name and in keeping with the fancy denotation, is its packaging in a bottle in the shape of an enlarged amber flask with the name and logo embossed in the glass with ornate hand-lettering and a cork stopper, as was commonly done in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This 92 proof (46% ABV) small batch bourbon from Tennessee is made from a mash comprised of 70% corn, 26% rye and 4% malt. After being double distilled using an extended column still followed by an old fashioned pot still, it is aged in No. 1 charred American White Oak barrels for at least six years. The slight char is not the norm, as will be clear once you pour into your glass and see the color, which is noticeably lighter than most other bourbons. It brings forth aromas of vanilla and leather and flavors of slightly sweet toffee with a hint of spiciness. I am a definitely a fan and so was the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Tasting Panel, which awarded it a Gold Medal.


Proper No. Twelve 

MMA fighter Conor McGregor founded Proper No. Twelve, an Irish whiskey created with Master Distiller David Elder. Named for the Dublin postal district in which McGregor grew up, it’s a true Irish product, as it is made in Ulster, Northern Ireland in the area of the Emerald Isle known for its rich soil and pure spring water. The fact that this 40% ABV single malt whiskey is triple distilled in copper pot stills and aged a minimum of three years in former oak bourbon casks allows for a taste that is smooth with hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood. Here’s to drinking to a good cause: $5 from every case sold is donated to local first responder organizations in the state or country the sales take place, with up to $1 million annually. 

Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day next month, here are some cocktail recipes using Proper Twelve.


Proper Irish Coffee

2 oz Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

4 oz hot coffee

.75 oz simple syrup

2-3 oz heavy cream


In a shaker or jar, shake or whip heavy cream until slightly thickened (not completely stiff). In a mug, add Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, hot coffee, and simple syrup. Stir, then carefully layer on top the thickened heavy cream until it covers the drink. Optional grating of nutmeg on top.


Dublin 12 Old Fashioned

2 oz Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

1 Bar Spoon Simple Syrup

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Lemon Wedge



In a lowball glass, add Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, simple syrup and bitters. Add ice to the glass and stir together. Garnish with lemon wedge & cherry.


Proper Manhattan

2 oz Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

1 oz sweet vermouth

3 dashes angostura bitters

1 brandied cherry


Combine Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters into a mixing vessel. Add ice and stir. Strain into a coupe/martini glass and garnish with a cherry.