More and more we are seeing vegan alternatives to just about everything that comes from an animal. Other than in a restaurant, this was the first product I had tried that substituted a plant-based product for eggs and I found them to be every bit as flavorful and satisfying as the animal versions. This company offers a range of products designed to replace anything that uses eggs while not replacing the flavor. 

The Vegg offers four products that are all 100% plant-based egg substitutes: 

Vegg Yolk Mix—the company’s signature product. Add water and it replicates the taste and texture of an egg yolk. 

Vegg Power Scramble—packed with protein, is meant to replace a regular egg and is a stand-alone product. (Worth noting is that an egg contains 6 grams of protein while the Vegg Power Scramble one egg equivalency provides 10 grams.) 

Vegg Uncaged Baking Mix—is used as a binding agent in baking.

Vegg French Toast Mix—makes the fluffiest French Toast with fat-free and cholesterol-free plant-based egg substitute that is high in Vitamin A and B12.

There’s also a Vegg cookbook filled with 80 pages of 100% vegan recipes using the Vegg products. The cookbook is easy to use with detailed directions and color pictures of each recipe. 

Although the Vegg was originally created for the vegan market, it appeals to a broad range of customers, including those with egg allergies. Other advantages are that Vegg is certified kosher, low in fat and since they are all plant-based, are cholesterol free.