Fans of happy hours can let out a sigh of relief as Original Cocktail Club has set out to extend the promotion at restaurants and bars. 

With a family full of foodies and cocktail lovers and always wanting to be a business owner, Jess Horan set out to help fill empty tables at restaurants. And, of course, make it happy hour all the time.

“We love to go out to eat,” Horan said. “And I figured there has to be a way to help out the restaurants I love to go to.” Naturally, she launched the company.

As part of the Original Cocktail Club, members can receive discounts at more than 35 restaurants in the Las Vegas area, including Andiron, Honey Salt, Ferraro’s, Firefly and Tacos & Beer. The club also added Evel Pie and Bajamar in May.

The Original Cocktail Club helps connect restaurants with customers seeking out a deal, and participating restaurants offer half-off alcohol during the selected periods of participation, generally slotted in early bird, all day or dinner. All day means members can use the happy hour deals all day, including lunch. Dinner means they participate during regular dinner hours and early bird reservations must be seated prior to 6:30 p.m.

Partner restaurants are able to select the day and time their deals run so the happy hour program can better fill out slow nights. 

On the customer side, sign-up is through a website and an app is downloaded, which shows what’s available each day. A searchable feature allows customers to filter by day, price and cuisine, then make a reservation for one of the restaurant’s designated times, check in on the app and show the server. To receive the half-off drinks, a meal must be purchased.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is helping get new people into restaurants,” Horan said. “It’s good for the restaurants, and it’s essentially incremental revenue. So it gets people in the door, filling empty tables with a full meal and half-off drinks. But with the margin on alcohol, they’re making money.” 

So far, the more than 30 participating restaurants in Las Vegas is the extent of the Original Cocktail Club, but Horan said there are hopes for eventual expansion to places like Southern California and other major metropolitan areas, but it all comes with growing a business.

Original Cocktail Club is free for bars and restaurants, and charges a $14.95 monthly flat fee for customers. 

“If you go out to eat once a month and get two cocktails, it pays for itself,” Horan said.

For more info or to sign up, visit