photos courtesy Elaine and Scott Harris

Mama Rabbit Brings the Country’s Largest Mezcal and Tequila Collection to Park MGM

Park MGM has added yet another gem to its food and beverage crown. Guests can now enjoy the country’s largest collection of mezcal and tequila at their newly-opened Mama Rabbit Bar. James Beard award-winner Brica Lopez has created this stunning and lively venue to show off her extensive Mezcals, Tequila and craft cocktails. Mama Rabbit literally draws you in with striking colors, playful artwork and vibrant music. Upon walking in, bold patterned murals and animal statues affixed with gaming machines capture the joyous vibrancy of the Oaxaca culture. This riveting artwork done by surrealist artist Okuda San Miguel is a playful means to mesmerize with hues of countless colors providing a lively backdrop for Lopez’s sophisticated collection of tasty tequilas and marvelous mezcals.

“Since moving to the US, it’s been my passion to share the beauty and the culture of Oaxaca with everyone I meet,” said Lopez. “What started with me introducing mezcal to bartenders across Los Angeles years ago has blossomed into celebrating the spirit with people from around the world at Mama Rabbit. I couldn’t be happier to work with MGM Resorts and Park MGM to give visitors a taste of Oaxaca right here in Vegas.” 

The unique name is inspired from the Mexican legend of Mayahuel who is thought to be the goddess of agave and fertility. The legend states that the goddess fed her 400 rabbit children exclusively with mezcal and tequila! After generations, these rabbits became to symbolize the great times that can be had by enjoying these iconic spirts. 

Looking over the extensive list, all we can say is Mas Mezcal! There are over 500 different labels that are exclusive to Mama Rabbit. Try one of the world’s first mezcal-barreled Blanco tequila, the first-of-its-kind mezcal, aged in premium Mendocino pot still brandy casks. There is a Centennial blend-featuring 10 aged tequilas in one bottle adding up to 100 years in age—a power pack tequila for a special occasion or a splurge among friends.

There are several ways to experience Mama Rabbit, like taking flight with Tour de Mexico. Agave is just like wine paying homage to the area to which it was grown. Travel through Oaxaca tasting tequilas and mezcals while enjoying one or two ounce pours as you settle in for your visit. 

In addition to the tequilas and mezcals there are plenty of cocktails to enjoy as well. The unique Salt of the Earth cocktail—a blend of dry ice with Los Nahuales Reposado Mezcal, Amontillado Sherry, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Corazon Bitters, vegetable salt and botanicals—all come together flawlessly highlighting mezcal’s smoky signature flavor. A refreshing choice is the Flora y Fauna also using dry ice along with El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, cucumber, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, lime and rose water. As the number one seller at her LA restaurant, Lopez’s take on a margarita, the El Silencio Espadin with lime, sal de gusano and a frozen lime paleta will certainly become Las Vegas’ new favorite with its zesty, yet refreshing compilation. 

Mama Rabbit also offers small bites such as Mama’s creamy Guacamole; the lively Salsa Trio & Chips comprised of tomatillo crudo, Oaxaca pasilla and habanero borracho salsas; crisp churros with an Oaxaca chocolate dipping sauce; or a tangy lime Paleta. 

When at Park MGM, Mama Rabbit is the place to be for live music, exclusive tequilas and mezcals all served in an impressive, energetic atmosphere that will transport you into a sultry Oaxaca taste experience without the cost of a plane ticket.