Photo Credit: Rachael Heffner

Mike was the most genteel person I have ever met. I can tell you for sure this is the first time I have used that word, but it came to me as I grieved the loss. I have known Mike and his brother (George) for about 29 years (correction—his brother was a bit more genteel). Mike was so even keeled it amazed me. As a demonstrative person, to me he was an enigma. When Mike asked me to write for this magazine I was elated. Having a writer’s background, I was flattered. As reality set in I realized I was free labor for the magazine, but was okay with it because it was for Mike.

As an educator, I always feel knowledgeable about my field, but Mike made me delve further to be a relevant journalist for this magazine. I even caught the cover once. I appreciate his draw to Southern California, who wouldn’t, especially for his lifestyle at this point of his career, but I miss him. 

The greatest attribute I can call out to him is the lack of judgement of others. He took everyone he met at their word, but there was no naivety. He was a good friend and I will miss him.

~ Allen Asch