Mike was a wonderful and kind man and an even better friend. We first met through a friend about 10 years ago and the journey with Mike has been amazing. Mike loved life and traveling and often told many stories of his travels around the world.  Mike and I became good friends as he helped me through a very tough time in my life with the passing of my mother, Margie. He was by her side as well as my side the entire time and gave me the strength I needed each day to move forward.

I was honored to go with Mike on his many culinary events that he was covering for his magazine. Mike had many friends and associates and it was great to follow him around and meet everyone throughout Las Vegas and beyond.

He loved to socialize and happy hour was his hour. We all would sit for hours and enjoy the day together. He had a great sense of humor and would make everyone in the room laugh and smile. His upbeat character was contagious. 

Mike was a great cook and I had the pleasure of having many of his wonderful Asian dishes.  He loved sushi and sake and would explain each dish and the origins. He taught me to think out of the box when it came to food.

Mike loved his family and spoke about them often. His home was full of photos of his family and friends and he loved them all.  I did not just lose a friend, as Mike was also Family.

Until we meet again...

~Lisa Mancino Matney