I truly believe in the value of making and striving for goals in my life and I hope that you do too! If we don’t try to better ourselves periodically, then what is the purpose in life? Like the old adage…“we keep doing the same thing, but expecting a different outcome.” That strikes me as funny. How can I repeat the same behaviors—maybe even mistakes—and expect that things or people will change? No…change has to start with me!

So, once again, at the end of the year I am outlining my 2018 goals. However, it is important to know that I don’t actually do this just one time per year. My faith is very strong and with that faith comes the need and desire to improve myself, be a better parent and make better decisions. I feel strongly that each of us should periodically take an honest look at ourselves and strive to do better and be better. This process is what I consider my opportunity for renewal. It is also a way for me to let go of the negative things in my world and focus more on the positive and the blessings that I have.

First, I start with my family. The single most important focus in my life is the wellbeing, health and happiness of my husband and my children. In these challenging and frequently negative times, I want my family to know that I am there for them, both emotionally and physically. I will be there to counsel, enlighten, listen and just support them. I believe strongly, due to the influences of my mother, that that is the role of a wife and mother! We are truly the glue that brings and holds the family together.

Then I focus on my career and work. I want to always be improving my leadership style and career by making sure that I never lose sight of what my role is, as well as where I came from. Those concepts mean to me that I need to always have compassion and caring for others, and to not spend time judging them. In reality, you never know what someone is going through, dealing with, or if they’ve reached their limit. I also want to objectively evaluate—how do I come across to my peers and co-workers? Do I offer advice without judgment and pitch in when/if needed? Do I try to look at things from their perspective? Do I show compassion?

In today’s topsy turvy world, I believe that there are three (3) key ingredients or values that we all need to have and hold onto. Those three characteristics are…

1. Compassion and love for others.

2. Integrity and honesty in all that we do.

3. A strong work ethic.

It truly can be difficult at times when all around you, especially these days, you see and hear situations or stories about anger, hatred, low/no values, and unethical & immoral behaviors. It can be very disheartening.

But…have faith! We are truly being guided and aided by a higher power and help is on the way. In the meantime, we need to focus on family and keep them close in our hearts and minds. It wouldn’t hurt to also write down a few goals for next year and refer to them from time to time when things seem bleak. I will never falter from my belief in the good of mankind and our ability to persevere over adversity. It is my goal for 2018 to have renewed faith, focus on the positive, and strive to be a better person every day! Won’t you join me?! And by the way…have a Happy and Healthy and Prosperous New Year! My wishes to you and yours!

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